Hair Loss...

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Do you think this could be SS or 790 related??
I've noticed it over the last few weeks..
but hadn't realised till today how much i am actually losing! :eek: had a huge bundle of hair after a shower (it comes out as i'm showering, and in the bath.. then the brush had loads in even though i clear it everytime i brush my hair.. there was a thick mass of it. :(
I don't have majorly thick hair as it is, as I'm blond naturally it's fine. I do dye my hair but have never had this prob.

It is completely normal!!! I lost about a 3rd of my hair altho it wasn't noticeable to anyone and i didn't have any bald patches or anything... It grows back with a vengeance when you start eating normally again!!
Phew!! Thanks Karen! :D
Are there any vitamins i can take to stop it or is it pointless?

Am wondering about settling on a plan i can stick to but still eat somewhat.. I am trying 790 this week. :) would that help increasing the calories?

I don't mind slowing down the weight loss.
I didn't bother taking anything so not sure if vitamins will help - others may be able to give advice on this though...

790 may stop the loss but it doesn't stop straight away so be aware of that... it took me a couple of months of being in management before i noticed the lack of shedding!!

It is scary and i was at my wits end but everyone told me it would be ok and lo and behold it was!!

How much do u wanna lose hun?
Had the same thing - I've been eating since April, and now my new hair makes me look a bit like Mr Majeeka! It's pointless taking vits, cos the reason your hair is falling out is because of ketosis. Your body tries v hard to conserve energy, which is why you get cold hands and feet (the blood is busy keeping yr internal organs going), and your hair and nails can stop growing. On the plus side you can wait 10 weeks in between bikini waxes!
There is a supplement called Nourkrin which I have heard good reports about. It's expensive though.

Ann x
Thanks all :)

I have 2 and a half stone till i'm in the healthy range now.. but am happy around this weight (i'm 12 stone 10 today). But do want to aim lower.

The thing i'm struggling with most.. is it's getting to winter, and I like to eat in the winter.. always have! I can motivate myself from about february onwards, but in the winter I want to feel warm on the inside too! :)

So i'm thinking if i back off slightly.. it's better than blowing anymore weight loss out of the window and feeling like a failure. like i did last week... :eek: Did have some other issues last week too though. But still... :rolleyes:
Purple hugs thanks for putting your concerns up on here I too have lost massive amounts this last week and I was so worried/ Yesterday I even considered jacking it all in becuase of the hair loss:(. But thanks to you i'm going to continue and see it through to the end:).Purple hugs just take one day at a time I know how you feel about the winter months but the is one thing you have forgotten.. If you keep going by Februrary you will be at target and you will have 12 month to get into a routine that come next year you won't even notice its winter:)
I am very concerned about the hair loss, i have a underactive thyroyd, and before i started ssing i was loosing strands here and there anyway, this is normal for my condition.

Since ssing though i have not been loosing hardly any, strange i know, so to start again worse than ever would be a big problem for me, and something i often think about, my hairdresser says i have fine hair but plenty of it, i hope im one of the lucky ones who don't suffer from this. Im sorry to hear you are having a problem at the moment purple hugs, its a worrie i know, but maybe its worth trying the 790 plan. xx
I know how you feel Purple Hugs - my hair is comming out in handfulls too, blocking the plug hole and filling up the vaccum cleaner etc. I know it's only temporary and normal for lots of people but it is still worrying.
I am also toying with the thought of doing 790 for a few months as I feel I will be better able to stick to that properly than ss when i might just binge now and again and be silly.

I don't know, I am going to have a good go at ss this week and see where I am in a week or so's time.

You have come a long way and if going onto 790 and continuing to loose at a slower rate is right for you then I would say "go for it" There is no point in making yourself feel a failure for not sticking to ss, much better to feel good about sticking to 790 and continuing to loose.

Good luck xxxxxxxxx
Hi Pebbles

I read on one board or another that during ss the body tries to conserve all it's energy so holds onto hair rather than shedding it naturally to make way for new growth.

I think the hair can start to fall out when you up your calorie intake as the body thinks it's ok to start using energy again and so sheds in one go all the hair it has held onto during the period of conservation.
It's not that you actually loose more hair, you just loose it all in one go rather than gradually.
I believe it was a CD hairdresser who posted this and it does make sense when you think about it!
Hi Champess,

yes this dose make sense,

my hair is the only good thing i think about me. [ so please head, hold on to it] hahah lol. x
I was SSing for seven months at the start and I lost loads of hair during the time I was SSing, so much so I decided to cut my long hair was continually growing back as my hairdresser could see the new growth.

Now I am back SSing again it has started to fall out again.

I suffered from brittle nails before doing this diet and now my nails have never looked as well. Now I have to cut them instead of them breaking or tearing off:eek:

I would not worry about it as I know it does grow back no problem.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks all! nice to know i'm not alone in worrying/experiencing this!

definately want to get to goal as quick as poss, but if it means i'm doomed to fail if i stick to too little calories, then i'd be better going the slow and steady... :p
as long as i end the winter lighter than i am now, or the same.. then i'll be happy. ;)