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hair loss



weighs a lot less
you are not alone in this ,tj has been losing hair,when you are on LT your hair stops growing to save energy and when you eat again it starts to grow so even though you actually feel like your losing hair its the new stuff thats growing ,hope that makes sence lil xx
i kno its growin have been lookin up about it on the net its very scary still like i just hope i dont go bald!!!!


Says it as it is!!!
i m sure you wont hun xxx
last time I did LT I lost quite a bit of hair - but it grew back after a while :)
how long is awhile im nervous i love my hair


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Hi hun nice to see you back! Im exactly the same after over 2 months but i think its getting a bit better now all of a sudded! Everybody really reassured me on here! I am taking multivits as vit E is supposed to be really good and yeah jen gave me a list which are my next attempt if needed, try multivits hun xxx


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Hmmmm same happened to me....when I came off LT cos I got pregnant but was loosing hair for about 10 weeks and it stopped....not sure if that was pregnancy related....but agree it really freaked me...I have lots of regrowth now but as you loose tonnes of hair after having a baby (for the same sort of reason) I am keen to see what I look like in a few weeks......its definately one down side of LT......
hey tracey long time!!! im soo worried over the hair thing!! got hair vitamins from holland and barret and have stop blow dying it and straightening it!!! dont think il look good bald!!! and the worst thing is i have very slow hair growth it will take for ever to get back to normal!

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