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Hair Loss

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I did SS or SS+ for 3.5 months. Since then I have moved up the plans. Since I moved up the plans I have started to experience a lot of hair loss. Luckily I have thick hair but my hairdresser commented this week that I had lost a lot of hair.
Can anyone tell me how long it goes on for, does it all grow back and is there anything I should be doing.
Thanks a lot for your help.
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dont know if there is cure as such, but i go through stages of losing hair, then it not coming out then all of a sudden i have a week when im picking hairs off my clothes all the time, im told its normal luckly i too have thick hair so its not too noticable x


Trying to stay positive..
my hair has never been very strong to be honest, so my clothes were always covered with it:( i don't think it got a lot worse during/after the diet, but i did notice it falling out a tiny bit more. but then i've got thin hair anyway, so i don't mind:)


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I worry about this a lot. I have thick hair but my hair has always been something I really liked about myself... Please don't go... hair :'(


I read somewhere it will grow back within 4-6 weeks or something.. Not sure how long it'll take to fall out, so to say, though. I also read taking vitamins (esp. vit B.) helps with hairloss.



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I've been on CD SS for 5 months now (with the exception of the standard 810 weeks) and I have noticed my hair is thinning alot just above my temples. Plus whenever I am in the shower or brushing my hair loads seems to fall out!

I have been told it will grow back. Luckily mine is covered by my fringe!!!

As I always think: I may end up bald, but at least I won't be fat AND bald!!! x

Lil K

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Like you I did SS for 3.5 months then started working up the plans - and started losing my hair. My hair was also very thick and long, so it was noticeable when I had to keep picking strands off my clothing. I don't think anyone else really noticed, you just think they must do because you are really focussed on it.

I wondered what would come first - hair stopping falling out or me being bald??? :confused:

It did eventually stop after about 3 months (not saying that will be the case for everyone else, but it was for me), and then started growing back again. I had my hair cut a little shorter to make it appear thicker.

Its now been 6 months since it started growing back again and my hair looks good again. I've got a very talented hairdresser who managed to get my hair back into my old style - when I didn't think that was going to be possible for ages. It's now back long layered and shaggy - and you'd never know I'd had a problem.

As soon as it began to fall out I started taking Perfectil for hair skin and nails. There's loads of similar products available in Boots. I think it made a difference to my regrowth and it has definitely made a difference to my once weak nails.

I think the bottom line I had to accept was - my hair was going to do what it was going to do, and I couldn't stop it.......BUT it doesn't last forever AND I now have the body I always wanted.

Kirsten x
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Me too....I thought I'd be happy in a wig....might always have the hair i wanted then

Unfortunately I have very fine thin hair and losing what I had was a struggle.....It really started falling out badly when I came off SS in July....and it is starting to come back now...saw my hairdesser this week and she said I have lots of baby bits coming back
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Thanks everyone for the replies and particularly encouraging that it does start to grow back. My nails have been quite weak too recently so I will go to Boots and try and get perfectil or something similar.

Have a great christmas everyone
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Hairloss Treatment

Hi there

Apparently Nourkrin Extra Strength tablets are the best product to use. Have a look on their website but it is expensive though

Good luck:)
Hi, when i did CD for the first time i started to lose some hair after i lost about 2.5 stones. So i started to use a shampoo bar from Lush. I remember posting about it so i will have a look for the thread and post the link in here. Its meant to be really good as it has been used by a lot of chemo patients. Sea Kelp is also meant to good for hair growth and so are the perfectil supplements, I used to work in Holland and Barret and these were popular with a lot of people.

I think if you lose hair on CD, it should grow back once its gone through the cycle, mine did. But i am still not looking forward to my hair falling out on CD and will prob cut it if it does, but i know it'll grow back.

So dont worry, it will grow back if you lose it.



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My hair is falling out & I've been using Nourkrin ES. I didn't think they were working, but I ran out a few days ago & have really noticed it coming out now! So I think they work. I get mine off ebay for about £25.
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I already have thin hair around the temple. does this mean I will be bald. I cant cope with that.
Has anyone ever lost so much hair they have been bald?

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