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Hair Loss

I did SS or SS+ for 3.5 months. Since then I have moved up the plans. Since I moved up the plans I have started to experience a lot of hair loss. Luckily I have thick hair but my hairdresser commented this week that I had lost a lot of hair.
Can anyone tell me how long it goes on for, does it all grow back and is there anything I should be doing.
Thanks a lot for your help.
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dont know if there is cure as such, but i go through stages of losing hair, then it not coming out then all of a sudden i have a week when im picking hairs off my clothes all the time, im told its normal luckly i too have thick hair so its not too noticable x


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my hair has never been very strong to be honest, so my clothes were always covered with it:( i don't think it got a lot worse during/after the diet, but i did notice it falling out a tiny bit more. but then i've got thin hair anyway, so i don't mind:)


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I worry about this a lot. I have thick hair but my hair has always been something I really liked about myself... Please don't go... hair :'(


I read somewhere it will grow back within 4-6 weeks or something.. Not sure how long it'll take to fall out, so to say, though. I also read taking vitamins (esp. vit B.) helps with hairloss.



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I've been on CD SS for 5 months now (with the exception of the standard 810 weeks) and I have noticed my hair is thinning alot just above my temples. Plus whenever I am in the shower or brushing my hair loads seems to fall out!

I have been told it will grow back. Luckily mine is covered by my fringe!!!

As I always think: I may end up bald, but at least I won't be fat AND bald!!! x

Lil K

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Like you I did SS for 3.5 months then started working up the plans - and started losing my hair. My hair was also very thick and long, so it was noticeable when I had to keep picking strands off my clothing. I don't think anyone else really noticed, you just think they must do because you are really focussed on it.

I wondered what would come first - hair stopping falling out or me being bald??? :confused:

It did eventually stop after about 3 months (not saying that will be the case for everyone else, but it was for me), and then started growing back again. I had my hair cut a little shorter to make it appear thicker.

Its now been 6 months since it started growing back again and my hair looks good again. I've got a very talented hairdresser who managed to get my hair back into my old style - when I didn't think that was going to be possible for ages. It's now back long layered and shaggy - and you'd never know I'd had a problem.

As soon as it began to fall out I started taking Perfectil for hair skin and nails. There's loads of similar products available in Boots. I think it made a difference to my regrowth and it has definitely made a difference to my once weak nails.

I think the bottom line I had to accept was - my hair was going to do what it was going to do, and I couldn't stop it.......BUT it doesn't last forever AND I now have the body I always wanted.

Kirsten x
Me too....I thought I'd be happy in a wig....might always have the hair i wanted then

Unfortunately I have very fine thin hair and losing what I had was a struggle.....It really started falling out badly when I came off SS in July....and it is starting to come back now...saw my hairdesser this week and she said I have lots of baby bits coming back
Thanks everyone for the replies and particularly encouraging that it does start to grow back. My nails have been quite weak too recently so I will go to Boots and try and get perfectil or something similar.

Have a great christmas everyone
Hairloss Treatment

Hi there

Apparently Nourkrin Extra Strength tablets are the best product to use. Have a look on their website but it is expensive though

Good luck:)
Hi, when i did CD for the first time i started to lose some hair after i lost about 2.5 stones. So i started to use a shampoo bar from Lush. I remember posting about it so i will have a look for the thread and post the link in here. Its meant to be really good as it has been used by a lot of chemo patients. Sea Kelp is also meant to good for hair growth and so are the perfectil supplements, I used to work in Holland and Barret and these were popular with a lot of people.

I think if you lose hair on CD, it should grow back once its gone through the cycle, mine did. But i am still not looking forward to my hair falling out on CD and will prob cut it if it does, but i know it'll grow back.

So dont worry, it will grow back if you lose it.



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My hair is falling out & I've been using Nourkrin ES. I didn't think they were working, but I ran out a few days ago & have really noticed it coming out now! So I think they work. I get mine off ebay for about £25.

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