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Hairloss and periods - the real deal


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Before I kick off, I think I'd like this thread to be a place where we list dramatic physical changes both positive and negative for people who have abstained for more than 12 weeks.

Hello everyone, well - lets put it this way - I abstained for just over 200 days, I've been on RtM for 8 weeks.

My hair type is officially 'lots of hair but very fine' so I have a lot of follicles but the hair growing out of them is surprisingly fine. We do have female alopecia in my family on one side and stress related alopecia at that.

I have been losing hair in handfuls to the extent that I have to brush my coat down every day when I get home. At first I was happy enough about it, but now it is really noticeable around my hairline. True enough I have plenty of new baby hair coming through so I can see and hope that this is a temporary problem, but it is noticeable and friends have said (without prompting from me) that they have noticed that my hair is thinning - I can no longer wear my hair up (my default style) as I don't have enough hair to grip the style to and the hairline looks dreadful.

I have also not had a period since the beginning of June. My LLCs first reaction is to tell me that people become a lot more fertile on LL and am I sure I'm not pregnant? Well unless LL is capable of producing immaculate conceptions I'm thinking that that's not a possibility. It's terribly unnerving - I am back to a relatively moderate (for me) BMI of 26 - but...well...I know I'm single and all that, but I'm 33 and one of my secret motivations for doing LL was so that I could get myself into a place where I could see myself maybe meeting a chap and having kids some day in the not too distant future. What if my vanity has scuppered my chances of that happening? I only recently found out that the women in my family have never given birth past my age and that most of them had hysterectomies or went into menopause at round about my age.

And of course this all may seem irrelevant for a single woman, but I have totally lost my libido - I thought that it would come back when I ate - but it's gone (seriously, this is a big thing for me) I can't even look at men. LL has turned me into a NUN!

Of course it's great that I'm now a moderately healthy BMI and that I can fit into smaller clothes - but...my sexuality and my glorious mane of hair were two huge parts of my life - and they're not here right now.

By the way - this is not a whinge about LL - it works and it works well if you stick to it and work with it - but some of the side effects are a tad alarming - and so - maybe it would be helpful if everyone who's gone past 100 days to list the weird things that have changed just so we have a place to refer to for what's 'normal'
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Well done, Sarah! This is an important thread to start and I am really glad you did. I've done a couple of PMs on the subject, as you know but this is much, much better.

As I am TTC, the menstrual question was vital and I posted something earlier on and here's the thread to see other people's experiences (hope it helps and encourages others to post here):


The other thing I'd like to include in here is skin - with hair loss seems to come dry skin (for me). I was taking an EFA supplement but it didn't seem to make a difference. I think the two MUST be related. I am still shedding (hair) and like you have lots of fine hair so it's noticeable.

As for libido, can totally relate to that. My body is waking up, albeit slowly but nothing like before. That is a definite change and not one for the better, to be honest.

I used to be on drugs to suppress my cycle (for endometriosis) so I know what menopause feels like and being on LL was the same. But there are definite changes happening, albeit subtle. I think one of the respondents to the TOTM thread said it took four months for her cycle to come back. When I spoke to my acupuncturist about this, he replied - "that's why I have been trying to get you to eat"!

I don't think you will have left it too late; the body shuts down (survival mode) but it will wake up again. You've upped the exercise - and how - so that will have an impact too. Remember female athletes often don't menstruate!!!

Bravo for your honesty.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hey Sarah :)
This thread could not have come at a better time for me!

Hair loss - it's killing me just now. My hair has always been my crowning glory, think Penelope Cruz and you're there!! In colour, it's the closest thing you will get to totally au natural jet black - that in itself makes it special! As thick and glossy as you can get, and it has always done everything it's told. I am one of those rare people who never EVER have a bad hair day. I LOVE my hair. Everyone has always LOVED my hair. It has been the envy of many.
I can't even apologise for such self indulgent vanity - because I now feel that I am actually grieving the loss of what was once such an attribute, and like all of your best bits, you just take it all for granted. Until it's gone.

When I started LL, on a total whim, I got it all chopped off. I've never had short hair before but the thought just came into my head and half an hour later, much to my hairdressers suprise I was in the chair saying the words 'chop it all off!' I loved it!! And as the weight has come off I've been able to stop hiding under my hair. I'm so pleased I did it.

The last 2 months when I've been on the sugar-rush bender, the hair loss has been horrific. Like you, it's all around the hairline, and it's all happening at the front. But unlike you, I can't see any signs of regrowth.
I'm just about to start management and think it's key that I get some protein into my system asap. The sugar-rush bender has finally come to an end and it's time to get serious about getting my hair back.

We've chatted about hairloss on here before and I would desperately like to hear from others in terms of does it come back? When? How long does this take? and so on...

Yes, vanity has taken hold of me hugely on this one. And if I'm being honest I'm terrified that the hairloss is never coming back.

Being a fellow single Mini, I'm laughing at the fact that I too look better than I have in years and my libido also seems to have left in a cab! What's that all about?? :D
negative effects,
occaisional spotting between periods.
skin is feeling quite saggy on my stomach, thighs and 'bingo wings'
heavier periods

Positives are
great weight loss
higher libido


has started again!!
Positive side effects

I am getting more compliments than ever before, about mylooks and my ability to lose weight when "I cant even lose a few pounds!".

I can walk into most clothes shops and find something that fits without too much effort. I am learning how to gauge the size of a clothing item by look, rather than the number on the tag.

I was always lacking in confidence. I walked head down, a kind of scuttle, and wanted to be in my "comfortable" place, ie home, more than to be anywhere else. Now, I will talk to whomever I please. IF they dont like me or judge me, I will know its not my weight my they are judging, but me, Sarah. I am totally OK with that.

Negative side effects

OK, its hair loss. I shouldnt be suffering this yet, as offically I am not eating, but lets face it, I have been on hols and eaten , and struggled ever since. MY hair is falling out in handfuls. I have very, very thick dark hair. Not only is the hair itself thick, there is (was) lots of it too. My hairdresser says it is still ok, but I am beginning to worry, as I cant see any new growth. My pale bedroom carpet, around my dressing table, has a ring of my hair on it after I brush, and my clothes are always being checked by me (& others!!) for the many stray hairs that fall during the day. My hair is much shorter now than when I started LL. It was my security blanket that hid me from the world. MY decsion to have it cut off was a momentous one for me, and one I have not regretted at all. In fact, I love it now. Lets hope it will return to its former self asap!

Periods - Mine are odd, although at 43 could it be age related? I have always had very regular, 7 day periods. The last few months in particular, they have been a bit late, one was a bleed for a couple of hours, the rest are a bit longer than that, but still only a couple of days. Sometimes they start, stop for a day, then flood terribly. This is doing my head in. As I said though, maybe its not LL related??

Libido - regretfully mine has always been a bone of contention between me & my OH. I have none. I could muster up the occasional facade of desire, for him, but now, I cant face it at all, there is nothing there at all. I know thats wrong, and I think maybe a trip to my GP is needed?

Isolation- This is my BIG problem at the moment. I feel terribly isolated from my family & friends. It is not normal to remove onself from family get togethers, social events etc. I do not subscribe to the LL theory, that it is just food, and your inner voices causing the problem. Food is a social event, well I beleive so, and yes, abstinence for a limited time is bearable, almost easy to do, but long term, it is very very hard. After a while, those same people who are complimenting you, begin to leave you out of events because its a bbq, a picnic, an evening meal, a drink & bit down the pub. and "Of course, you wont be able to will you?". I have gone out, a had my water and a bar, in a restaurant. I have been to the pub and taken the car (call me a cab!!LOL), sipping my Perrier all night. I CAN do it, but now after months I just wuld like the odd glass of red, or a bit of grilled fish. I suppose that couldbe my inner child shouting out, but all these personality facets make us us, and if we igonre one part of us long term, are we going to be the same person? I dont think so.

Phew!! Ok so my list of negatives seems to be longer than the positives, but honestly & thruthfully this is the very best thing I have done for ME. I do not regret it at all, even in my darkest moments. Yes, I want to rejoin the real world as soon as I can, but I hope & pray my lessons,hard learned, will stay with me, and prevent a repeat performance. Now THAT would be a big negative!


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Whether this is coincidence or not but my friends daughter in law did LL for 5 months lost 4.5 stone did lose a lot of hair but she unfortunately went into early menopause, NOW, she thinks doing LL was the cause but it couldve of also been coincidental. A year down the line and she has put it all back on and more, I have never met her only been told this by my friend.


LL is the best thing since sliced bread for me

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I can totally relate to this thread. I was totally abstinent on LL from Jan 06 until Aug 06. I too have fine hair but really didn't notice the loss during the programme.

When I went into management in August I was blighted by the extreme sugar rush and whilst I had never been bothered about chocolate before I couldn't get enough of the stuff. I remained around the same sort of weight, even though I was binging on chocolate, until a holiday in October in Menorca. It was only then that I realised how much hair I had lost. Once I had started eating again the hairloss got progressively worse. Everyday on my holiday I despaired and could only wear it up in clips because the ends looked like rat tails. I was so desperate that on the second to last day of my holiday I telephoned my hairdresser from Menorca to make an appointment. Unfortunately she was off on holiday herself and I cried because I was so upset.

I came home and immediately (and I do mean immediately - next day) moved back down to North Wales to start a new life. My first priority was a new hairdresser and a haircut. That was a year ago. Since then I have put weight back on, tried to do CD and LL again, given up, and now restarted CD. My hair improved immensely when I actually stopped messing about on a VLCD. Almost without noticing it has thickened up nicely. However I was very shocked to discover a couple of weeks ago 2 very very short sections at my crown. My hairdresser thinks it might be breakage but I'm hoping it's regrowth! I also have a lot of regrowth on the hairline too, so I'm ever positive. If it's breakage I won't be able to have any treatments on my hair again (I colour it and have it chemically straightened).

As far as libido goes, I too am single. Whilst doing LL and for a long time after I had such poor self esteem that libido was not even remotely a question that bothered me. However I am pleased to report that things do return to normal. In the last few months I have enjoyed some very good relationships ;) if you get my drift. I can't say whether this is due to the diet or not because I am actually 3 stone heavier than when I finished LL but my "head" is better and therefore so is my love life.

After all this, would I have made a different decision and not done LL - not a chance!!!


likes posting.
I have a coil fitted & havent had periods for 6 years(its my 2nd coil) the last 3 months ive started bleeding.my hair is very fine & is coming out, which is really worring me. also i feel like ive lost my libido too.
Up side i feel great with lots of confidance.


Back to the grindstone!!
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I noticed tonight that my scalp is more obvious! Just before I opened this thread. My hair is long but straight and very fine, always has been and it has been coming out onto my brush everytime I brush it! Worrying. My periods are still pretty much of a much ness at the moment.
My OH thinks it is great to have a slimmer version of me about but my once raging libido has left the building and that is very, very dissapointing. I just cant seem to get up the desire to want to even though I feel 50 times better about myself than I did 6 months ago. I do hope that returns!
But, like you all, this is the best thing that I have ever, ever done for myself and I intend carrying on and seeing where it gets me! Never mind the side effects!!
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I too am shedding hair and lots of it. It probably started a month or so ago with a little each time I washed my hair or brushed it. This last week or so it is literally coming out in handfuls. I have just come out of the shower and the plug hole was literally full of hair so the water couldnt go down. This does coincide with me having a 3 day binge last weekend and I have eaten something every day this week.

Periods have been shorter and PMT symptoms far worse (or maybe they just seem worse as I no longer use food to numb them)

Libido about same as usual I think, although hubby obviously loves the fact I have lost almost 4 stones.
Hair. I lost hair, a lot of it, when I started eating again. It was coming out in clumps and filling up the plughole.


It does grow back. I have just had my hair cut shorter because I was starting to look a bit like I had had bad hair extensions with the new hair on top and the longer hair on the bottom.

Dry skin - had that too, but it resolved once i started eating again.

Periods. I have PCOS. Before LL they were incredibly irregular. This continued throughout SS, but I was expecting this. Once I had started eating again and had established regular eating and exercising habits, I settled into a 'perfect' 28 day cycle, and this is still the same.

Loose skin. I had this too, but have found that the longer I have stayed at a stable weight, the better this gets. I also do a lot of yoga, and I think this has helped most, particularly on my tummy.
Interesting thread!

Periods: before LL - regular but annoying - light and lots of spotting. Now still regular, no spotting and "normal".

Hair:I have long, fine hair and started losing it week 5 of RtM. Loss has slowed now 4 months later and I didn't really notice a difference. More concerned about grey hairs but that's my age!

Libido: Better - helps I don't feel like a whale now!

PMS: Massive improvement - almost non-existent now.

Skin: Rosacea returned with a vengeance. I took antibiotics a few years ago which sorted it. This time I used the gel which has also worked.

All in all I got away lightly! Didn't have a problem with constipation either which was very lucky judging by the number of posts about it on here.
One other thing I have noticed, and others in my group, is the Madonna hands syndrome; the veins on my hands (and theirs) are now very prominent. Has anyone else experienced this?

I was very depressed to read about someone going into early menopause on this thread; I hope this has not happened for me but I guess all things are possible.

Mrs L xxx : (
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I started management 5 days ago, before that I had done 168 days of abstinence, and this morning I noticed a few hairs coming out in the shower, Yikes.

My sex drive is into negative figures.

The whites of my eyes are yellow!

And when I went to the blood donor session last week they couldn't find my veins, I think all of the fat must have been forcing them to the surface in the past.

But I'm loving the new clothes and keep going to have a look at my reflection to remind myself how much better I look.

And I actually have some self esteem now.

Other negatives - some women have started to be a bit unpleasant and ignore me now when they have been so chatty in the past!
Ok so now we know , we may go bald and go into early menopause but we will be SLIM! I found this thread very depessing when I read it a few nights ago but I suppose it is best to know these things?
I think I have more grey hairs, but they are still attached for now as I am still in development, but curiously my eye lashes seem to be falling out. No other changes yet.

I think my LLC said it falls out when you eat again, because your body suddenly thinks great the famine is over, I don't have to conserve everything, I can go back to doing what I normally do, and replace things on a regular basis. So it kicks out the oldest hair that it should already have replaced, and starts again.

Dreading that bit, my hair is v.long below, waist level ish. But I am going to be slimmer.
thanks for explaining icy:) someone else had explained it to me earlier and I "get" it now.
Not happy about it like; but bald and slim will certainly be a whole new image:D
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Oh I am so pleased Sarah started this thread , I have actually been a bit worried about the hair loss I have been suffereing since I came out of Ketosis after 4 months of abstinance. I thought about PM ing someone who had been through this to ask how long it goes on for as i have beeen off abstinance now since about August and thats when it started coming out in handfulls. I had long thick curly hair and didnt worry at first in fact I thought good that will sort out the bushy boufont, but now I am getting fed up and blocking the drains and waering long hair all over me all the time. I decide enough was enough last Thursday and had the lot cut off into a short bob, and its been a lot better since. I dont seem to lose as much and it looks thicker at the roots and the parting, I guess becuase it not being weighted down as much now. My hairdresser did say that I seem to have a undergrowth of shorter hair so I guess that is the new hairgrowth. but it is definately thinner and I am concerned about when it will stop falling out as I have been eating now for months.
Has anyone had any dentistry problems? I am having murder at the moment with my teeth , all my caps are falling out and I am having to have my bridge re done as its now loose, so I think my gums must have shrunk. Also since I started chewing again my teeth feel sore. I dont like to tell anyone all this in case they give me the 'I told you so' faddy diet syndrome lecture.
Must admit that I thought being slim would make me more interested libido wise but nope not happened , just the same and I am still as hung up about aspects of my body, they are just differnt ones now!
Does anyone know if you should stop Sole sourcing or abstinace if you get shingles? its just my daughter is doing Cd (very well) but she has sontracted shingles and I am a bit worried.

Sorry if it all seems abit negative, I am still the biggest fan of this diet and am so glad I did it , I wouldnt go back even if I had to go bald!

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