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Half a jar of Nutella


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Poor you - write it down on your food diary. It'll hurt but you'll feel better after.

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Oh my!! That's my weakness too!! 4syns for level tablespoon is just too much!! I'm glad the jar is now dead....I can't resist!
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Which is exactly the reason I cant have nutella in my house. Infact I have even banned my neighbour from having it as I'm sure I can sense that naughty little jar in their cupboards and it would be too embarassing to explain why I've broken in to their house............its evil I tell ya!

Draw that line, you cant undo what's done and start again tomorrow mindfull of keeping low on syns for the next few days and hopefully it wont even register as a blip.



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yuck I hate the stuff haha

hope it was worth it though I am like that with crisps


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All I am thinking about now is mmm nutella LOL. I found a receipe for making forero roches with nutella!


S: 12st9lb C: 11st2lb G: 10st2lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 1st7lb(11.86%)
I have never tasted the stuff! My weakness is cheese! Thats why i love slimming world! I can still have cheese! :)
Thanks for all your support and nice words. I wasn't really stressing about eating it, but felt I needed to be honest with myself and record it. Thanks for not judging.
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Never mind, move on and just don't buy any more to tempt you. I pigged out on toast last night so know how you feel. Get back on track now and put it behind you xx


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I got a little 25g pot from Morrisons pick n mix thingy with the jams. Not as many syns and you can have the satisfaction of "finishing the packet"


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Never tasted it! Luckily I don't really have a sweet tooth. I'm like Claire, rather have a piece of cheese!


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I am powerless to Nutella. I can't walk past the jar, even if it's hidden away in the cupboard, without getting another spoonful...

I had half a jar in my cupboard once and had had a bad week, weight wise, and when I got back from my SW meeting, I was feeling low and I thought "sod it" I'll just eat some Nutella, I have a week to work it off. And had several spoonfuls of it. As I was getting near to the end, I didn't really want anymore, but I made myself eat it so I could feel sick of it and not crave it anymore. I haven't bought it since. Though I know the whole cycle would start again if I did!

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