Halving my weight!

Discussion in 'CD Weight Loss Diaries' started by 8541boo, 3 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. 8541boo

    8541boo Full Member

    Hello to anyone that is reading just a little about me I'm 26 and have 2 daughters 7 and 4months. I have previously lost 6stone on a vcld and stupidly fell back into the same old habits and eating for 5 when pregnant! I started CD on the 16th of June and have lost 2stone. I don't really have a target weight but would like to have a healthy bmi and just feel amazing, I know the feeling from before so want it back. I don't want my daughters following my yoyo dieting and thinking its normal. Have booked a holiday for Christmas and hopefully be at a goal weight by then! Thankyou for reading! Xx
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  3. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Full Member

    Hi , fantastic losses , well done.
    Keep up the good work .xx
  4. 8541boo

    8541boo Full Member

    So day 23 nearly done and seem to be in a good routine with my products. Nice and warm here so have been out with the baby walking f.or most of the day!
  5. eekthehippo

    eekthehippo Full Member

    Hi hun, my story is so similar to yours - here we go again, hey? 2 stone since you started is great - I've only managed 11lb in that time. Well done hun
  6. 8541boo

    8541boo Full Member

    11lbs is brilliant! Well done!
  7. wannabesize12

    wannabesize12 Full Member


    Brilliant losses, should be pleased with yourself.....Only on week 2 and finding a bit difficult with no real food, however had my first bar tonight and lovely it was! Can I have more than 1 bar a day? Imean 2 bars and 1 soup???

    Well Done 8541 for your journey so far x
  8. 8541boo

    8541boo Full Member

    I've always been told one bar a day? It is nice to chew something though!
  9. tor137

    tor137 Full Member

    I think you an have 3 lemon bars a day if you wanted but only 1 chocolate covered one eg
    2 lemon 1 chocolate = 3 products put have to drink additional 250 ml of water per bar
    This is what my consultant told me xxx
  10. wannabesize12

    wannabesize12 Full Member

    Thank you both, I will ask my consultant on Tuesday coz I ve only the choc ones. To be honest, I've found drinking the water really easy, having a litre bottle next to me at all times and drinking without thinking - instead of eating - so that's no bad thing.
  11. 8541boo

    8541boo Full Member

    Water defiantly helps but obviously not too much as it can be dangerous x
  12. o2fjshu89iix

    o2fjshu89iix Member

    That is amazing[​IMG]
  13. 8541boo

    8541boo Full Member

    Thankyou, are you on cwp how are you doing?
  14. wannabesize12

    wannabesize12 Full Member

    Does anyone know how much is too much water?????

    I do drink a lot anyway but have this litre bottle with me at nearly all times and just fill it back up when empty.

    I drank 5 litres today and its only 4.30pm......Not intentionally just keep sipping and its going.

    Don't want to do damage before doing good.
  15. 8541boo

    8541boo Full Member

    I think it's if you drink a lot all in one go rather than spread it out?
  16. wannabesize12

    wannabesize12 Full Member

    I have just googled it - getting paranoid - Yeah it looks like if you drink slowly and steady you are ok, not all in one go as you say. Good. Thankyou
  17. 8541boo

    8541boo Full Member

    I drink a lot of water too spaced out throughout the day I find it really helps with losses. The more you drink the more you shrink (sensibly!)
  18. 8541boo

    8541boo Full Member

    So day 24 nearly over 100% so feeling good! Hope everyone's had a good day too!
  19. wannabesize12

    wannabesize12 Full Member

    Glad you have had a good day....Mine has been ok too. Yesterday I found myself really really craving food - I wasn't hungry but wanted food - Had a bar and was fine (ish) but today a little better. I am so determined not to give up on this diet . Looked side wards in mirror again earlier in bathroom, that is a huge incentive to get rid of weigh, cant believe its me I can see so big!! Oh Well, keep on going.
  20. 8541boo

    8541boo Full Member

    I haven't got a full length mirror in my house I may have to purchase one for when I'm near my target weight can be one of my goals! Tipping it down here but will be ferrying my oldest round to her clubs today. Here's to a good day and well done for not eating!
  21. wannabesize12

    wannabesize12 Full Member

    Thanks, feel ok today, having hair done, planning daughters 18th birthday - having a surprise party for her with family (we have a lot) . I am very lucky coz Mum & Dad are doing the food and drink, and Im doing the decorating making and doing everything else.

    So, although I am saying what food we're having I don't have to prepare it all. So today shouldn't be too bad for eating and I have found lots of things to do - not including party bits. It's raining hard and windy too here so not going out much.

    I haven't got a full size mirror , heaven forbid. lol.....

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