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    A few tips of mine

    These are my own tips, they worked for me BUT be aware they may not work for everyone!!!

    1. If you feel desperate for something to eat and reach for the biscuits, then go to the fridge and eat some chicken instead. it kills off cravings and satisfys you.

    2. If it is your Totm and you are desperate for something sweet, firstly have the berry water flavouring...coz its really nice!!) or have a mouthful of sugar free jelly (can i state i am not recommending these things but if its that or cheat...then its worth it, and neither of these things have EVER brought me out of ketosis and my weight loss has never suffered either!!)

    3. Be focused!!! write down every negative feeling that brought you to start this diet and refer to it whenever you start to crumble!!

    4. smell it (food that is)...it may sound mad but sometimes the smell is just enough to pass the craving!!

    5. buy some smaller clothes.....you will be wearing those soon (if u stick!!)

    6. Remember this is YOUR time to look GREAT (be slimmer for summer) (look sexy for that wedding in winter) or shock people you havent seen for ages (that one is great!!)

    7.Remember dodgy sayings such as: "nothing tastes as good as slim feels" (tacky but REALLY true!!!)

    "little pickers bigger knickers" (i am living proof of that one being true!! :p )

    "The more you drink the more you shrink!!" ...... everyone at CD seems to be scared of this one due to what happened to the poor lady on lighterlife BUT it is important to make sure that you keep your water levels up.....and most of the time when you believe you are "starving" you are ACTUALLY THIRSTY!!!

    I hope this helps some of you, the only thing i cant describe or share with you is the sheer EUPHORIA you feel when you start looking good....you will find this out yourself BUT BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY......ITS WORTH IT!!!!!
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    Another good sweet one is to make CD jelly, I got it from a thread on here but its 500ml of water 2 scoops on mix a mouse and your desired amount of CD water flavouring!!! It is amazing. My CDC hadnt heard of it but its one from those late night cravings and no cheating needed!!!xxx
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    Definitely! I've tried that jelly and its been my saviour many a time when i've felt the need for an extra nibble! Its quite nice with a frozen tetra as well! Jelly and Ice-cream! yummy! :) hehe!

    I've also tried adding the mix-a-mousse to coke zero (on recommendation from cdc) and made a coke flavoured jelly for a change (it was a bit runnier than normal jelly but tasted quite nice!)

    Thanks for the tips kelsocool!! I love the sayings too! :p xxx
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    Great tips.
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