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Hanging my head in shame

Hello ladies,

Anyone remember me from earlier this year (probably not as I wasn't a very prolific poster anyway). I was on CD from February - end of May and lost a good 5 stones (6 stones at my "slimmest"), I felt amazing, both physically and mentally. I felt completely in control. Then beginning of June I fainted and somehow I got it into my head that that was because of Sole Source, I started eating and was on and off the diet in June. In July and August I went completely off it and put on almost 2 stones. I was on holiday the first two weeks of August and promised myself to get back on plan once back from holiday, that didn't happen (stress at work etc) and then I promised myself to get back on plan 1st September, well it's now the second and I'm still eating. The last 2 weeks I started every day with a chocolate mint shake and then a choc tetra for lunch but by 2pm I'm in the kitchen at work stuffing my face with chocolate and crisps (we get a lot of free food at work).

I really want to get back on plan now, I realize that my overeating also has a psychological cause so I'm making an appointment with a councillor / therapist to work through the underlying causes but at the same time I want to lose the weight.

Tomorrow will be a new start for me. Posting here helped me earlier this year to stay focussed and get through the difficult moments so I'll use this again.

I have a medical check up tomorrow so need to fast until 10am, I'm dreading it as I know the doctor will hassle me about my weight.

Good luck everyone with the restart!

Love, Agnes x
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Hi, and welcome back to the forum. Good luck on your weightloss journey.


Strong women stay slim
Its getting to the end of each day on this diet !
Just think of how good you felt before on SS and bring taht feeling back !
Post away
So true JMC, I know that if I can just make it through day 1 I'll be fine, it's just getting there that is so hard. I don't remember it being this hard first time round! Onwards and upwards, it's the only way to go.


Strong women stay slim
Thats it , one time is never the same as another .
Maybe post on here when feeling you may do it again and the feeling of eating will pass its just getting over that feeling .
Well hello possums! Day 1 of my restart and I made it till 3pm, it's been ages since I held it out for so long. I had a medical check up this morning (a company benefit we get once a year), I was pleasantly surprised that the doctor was supportive of CD and congratulated me on the weight loss, she admitted losing 2 stone on a similar plan (I didn't ask if it was CD).

I had my first tetra around 11am, then one around 1pm and next one will be 5pm, I felt fine this morning but am feeling a bit "space out" now, I remember this feeling from first time round, I know it will pass.

I'm going to furniture shopping tonight so it will be a long day...

Take care everyone x


Strong women stay slim
yes soon be bed time and you can say .... I made it yeah !
Just keep working on why you want this !
Hi agnes good luck with the restart, and remember you did it once, and lost 5 stone so you can do it again!! You've proved it!!
Good luck seeing the counsellor/therapist x
Hows it going Agnes? You ok?

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