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ive not long bought the fame dance workout which is really good! ive alos got the natalie cassidy and hollyoaks girls one!

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Ive heard that the Davina McCall dvds are pretty good.
I am going to get the Biggest Loser dvd coz I think that looks great,I just wanna get a little fitter before I get it!
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YES!! YES!! i got it last sunday loved it it's done in parts so can choose which workout to do.!
I do have the charlie brooks one but hannah is better.!


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Claire from Steps' dvd is pretty great.

I also have the first Pump It Up, it's pretty exhausting but gets some quick results!


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Thanks gals, I've just heard my friend has the Hannah one, so I'm gonna have a preview before I decide.


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ever seen that channel on sky ? its really good, had different work outs and yoga etc


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Does anyone else think Hannah Waterman looks awful since shes lost weight? I think shes way underweight too, i mean, shes gone down to a size 6 and at 5ft 2 thats not good, i think i read somewhere that shes 7 stone. I'm 5ft2in and my lowest healthy weight limit is 7st11lbs. I'm pleased shes lost weight, but i just feel shes joined all the other 'size zero' celebs, and just wants her picture in the mags


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i must say i agree to! the pic on the front of the dvd looks awful! u can see her rib cage! It does make you wonder how shes going to be able to maintain it! I do hope shes not going to be one of thos celbs who loose loads of weight and then puts it all back on a few months down the line!


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Have to agree Hannah Waterman is to skinny and it doesnt suit her at all I think she is gone to far. Yes unhappy green eyes, have seen that exercise channel on sky ( can't remember the name of it). One morning i did the Beginners belly dancing, o my god, it nearly killed me but was really good. and have looked at a few others it is a great channel, with a variety of different exercise programmes. so you dont have to stick to one dvd.


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Is anyone else completely hopeless at aerobics or is it just me? I just can't keep up. not because I'm unfit (well not just) but I seem to have trouble in working out i have to go in the opposite direction so by the time my brain as worked out which body part I should be moving which way they're on to the next move :(


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I've never been to keen on DVD's. Although a friend of mine is doing the nataile cassady one atm. She seems to enjoy it :)