Happy Birthday MandyB2


Cambridge Diet Counsellor

Here's wishing you a lovely day
Happy Birthday, darling - I hope you have a fantastic day and get some REST!!!

And you don't look a day over 25!

Lots of love
Have agreat day and chill, happy birthday x
Happy Birthday Mandy!!!

Have a Great Day!!!

Best wishes:D

Love Mini xxx

Hi guys... just popped on quick to catch up and found this... thanks so much for all your good wishes...:):)
Well another year older, maybe a bit wiser, but deffinately slimmer than the last one!!!!! I had a real late drunken night last night out with OH and some friends:eek:, and have a hotel booked for me and OH for tonight for some quality US time .. won't be gettin' much sleep tonight either hopefully;);):eek::D
I've seen one client today and have another one due at 4.00.. other than that I'm takin' it easy today...

Much love to you all as always and thanks again for your well wishes xxxx:):D:)