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*Happy Dance*


this time - the last time
Yay! Well done!
Thank you :)

Although I don't post on here very often, I have used this forum daily to keep me motivated and to get all the fab information and advice everyone has to offer as I don't do weekly weigh-ins and only see my counsellor every month. Have really depended on this site to keep me going :D
can i ask what do u weigh? its just am on border for size14's but feel i am not gunna get there...can i only ask how much have u lost on these 20 wks....a lot of asking i knw..xx
No don't worry at all, please ask away. Brief outline of my story and weight loss below;

I am doing the diet in Dubai and started my journey on Sunday 26th of June, so this Sunday will mark my 20th week of SS.

I started at 114.5 kg's/251.9 lbs and on Sunday 6th November at 19 weeks I weighed 85kg's/187 lbs. So I have now lost 29.5kg's which is about 70 lbs.

I am obviously still not near my goal weight which I have been told is about 65kg's but I am off on a 4 week holiday next month so will start the 're-feeding' programme and do this for the 4 weeks leading up to my holiday.

I am hoping to reach my mini-goal of getting into the 70's before my trip and then when I get back from holidays I am determined to reach my goal weight for the first time in a very long time :D

It has been a crazy journey I must say. I have been a bit emotional about it all but only recently...Sadness for years lost not being comfortable with my weight, happiness for finding I have hip bones which have been nicely 'protected' for a few years :eek:

I found myself standing in Gap in a beautiful silk, size 14 dress, in tears, waving frantically at my OH like a crazy woman HAHA I have also always been very uncomfortable in pants and had a 'thing' with my legs and shed a little tear when I bought a pair of size 14 jeans this weekend and realised I actually looked quite good in them...I am generally quite a sane person I promise :)
that last post is lovely and really inspiring. i've just finished 14 weeks with no cheats, and have many more months to go... but we can do it!

well done, sweetie. you're right to be proud.
yeah - they mostly don't fit me yet... but that's a separate issue. :eek:
Hi 100%

Wow what an inspiring thread.

I think the only way to do this diet is 100% any 'cheating' is totally a waste of time and money. It is a difficult diet, but very, very rewarding.

Feeling slim and being able to buy clothes off the peg is my goal. At the moment I live in trakkie bottoms and a baggy shirt. A complete waste of 'me'. I hide away from all social functions and wouldn't dream of putting my picture on FB (everyone remembers me being a slim person from years ago...its just too embarrassing!):hide:

I feel VERY motivated this time. Thanks for your post, I hope you continue to lose and inspire us all along the way! :)
Well done!!!! What kept you going? I'm struggling at the moment and I have 3 more weeks of SS.
The huge losses on this diet are definately very motivating and keep you going. When I started this diet, I was in the right frame of mind...I was not doing it because I had too, I was doing it because I wanted too. I realised that the more I went off plan, the longer it would take me and I just wanted to do what I had to do and get it done as fast as possible. I knew that I had to do this diet 100% as the minute I had something I was not supposed too than it would be too easy to do it again thinking 'oh it is only this once' or 'well, it is a special occassion' and these 'events' would become too frequent and I would find it easier to justify it.

I live in a different country to my family and friends and the last time I went home was last year for my best friends wedding to be her maid of honour, I had big plans to be skinny and look good for her photos and that did not end up happening. I felt so let down and almost like I ruined her pictures and hated that for years to come she will have those pictures with me looking the way I did! Well I am going home for Xmas this year for the first time in 5 years and THAT has been my motivation!

I have not told anyone what I have been doing and I want to get off that plane and wow everyone haha I want to take millions of pictures with my family and friends and be proud of how I look and want them to be proud of me too.

Living in Dubai - everyone is in their bikini at the pool and beach all the time and I, like you Candlewix did not feel comfortable at all even though I am a water baby and love the sea. I felt like I was wasting this experience and did not want to leave here not having truely made the most of my time here.

Just remember that eating that piece of bread or chips or cake etc will take about 2 minutes but the feeling of regret will last a lot longer....Is it really worth it for 2 minutes? Also, how long has it taken you too put on the weight? It has taken me 3 years to put on all my weight and I think giving up a a few months of that to get it off is a fair compromise?

Another tip is...I have had a 'motivation dress' throughout. I have had a beautiful dress (even something that you own that has gotten too small) that is too small for me hanging in my cupboard to keep me motivated to get into it! When I do fit into it...I pick another one. It may sound silly but the feeling of zipping up a dress that would not go up before is fantastic!!!

Another tip...although I had one or two meltdowns thinking of how long it will take me and how much I had to lose - I generally always took it one day at a time. If I had a bad day, I knew that all I had to do was get through only '2 more meals' or '5 more hours' and than it would be over haha. I can guarentee you that you WILL wake up feeling a million times better than when you went to bed.

Last tip I can give is set lots of mini goal, even if they sound stupid. My first goal was not to be the heaviest person in my office, one was to weigh less than my partner. If you set these little goals, you will feel such satisfaction when you reach them and it will keep you going. Do not have your end target as you only target! It will seem too daunting and it will overwhelm you at times. Achieveing these baby targets will make you happy, make you feel proud and in turn...keep you motivated!

I am nooooo Cambridge guru but can only give advice based on my personal experience. Keep up the good work everyone and remember why you are doing this! Yes it can be tough, but the reward of a happier, healthier and slimmer you is the greatest gift we could ever give ourselves.

100% all the way

Love your post and most excellent and sensible advice.
I hope you keep posting, I am so curious to know what your family think of you at Christmas.
I know what you mean about being a water baby and not really being able to 'relax' around a pool. We were in Kos this year, beautiful infinity pool, and there I was wrapped in a huge sarong, trying to be as close to the pool as possible so I didn't have to walk past too many people on sunloungers whilst parading my huge thigh,bottom...et al..eeek! Ugh, ugh...what a waste.:cool:
Well NO more...we are doing this!!!
Looking forward to hear how you are getting on :)

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