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Happy Happy Happy

Hi all , I have been on ww for the last 2 weeks. Im not going to meetings, im doing it on my own at home. I found a ww app on the android market (not the proper app that the iphone have) and am so glad I did. I think being able to pop all food info , counting points, track weight loss etc on my phone is brilliant for me.
I am getting weighed at mothers on bingo night :) my first weigh in was last night and I have already lost 7lb, very very happy! Im hoping for a steady 1lb loss a week from now which I hope will make it easier to maintain.
Wishing you all a happy weight loss !
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Hey Donna and Welcome!! Congrats on the weight loss so far!! Good luck with it and hope to see you around the boards :D
Thankyou for the warm welcome. I really feel like im in the right mind set this time around. I tried sw 18 months ago but my heart just wasnt in it, then fell pregnant with number 3 and that was just another excuse to over eat.
I gave up smoking 2yrs ago after numourous fails but believe this time is for good because it wasnt a half hearted try and I feel the same about losing this extra weight. If I can give up the fags then I can do this!
Just need a push in the exercise direction now lol
I think it definitely takes the right mind set to stick to any weight loss plan and a lot of willpower, which you obviously have for managing to stop smoking (a huge congrats for doing that btw!!!)

I'm the same with the needing a bit of a push for in the exercise direction because I'm quite socially anxious and rarely leave the house by myself atm, but one day at a time I suppose! And I'll be back to keep encouraging you with it as well lol :whacky068: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :whacky068:


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Im trying sw for about the 5th time in 9yrs and the daft thing is, i know it works. I just fall off the wagon. Im determined now more than ever
I think determination is the key Caldil, that and a good support network. My OH is being annoyingly but loveingly supportive, keeps making me cups of tea with no sugar :( I used to take 2 in my tea and am finding this the hardest to get used to. There you are dear he says, your no point tea lol


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Welcome to minis and good luck with ww!

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