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Happyhoof85 Diary

Hi everyone

Im a newbie:)
im soo glad i found this site, ive been reading through everyone food diary and stories and decided i would write one too. ive found them really inspiring.

im currently have 42lbs to loose and im on 21 point per day, i dont really have a target date, but id like to be fitter and slimmer and be able to fit into a 12 size clothes also it would be easier for when we go ski-ing in dec 09 for xmas

i have weighed myself and took measurements and a pic so i can keep refering back

Last night i worked out my shoppling list and there point value and then went out and bought everythink i needed, ive started it today as my b/f has gone away on holiday and i want to get into the habit now before he comes home. when he comes back im hoping he will join me on this new 'life style' as it would do him the world of good

Today is the first day - below is the menu ive planned
what ive noticed about myself and WW, il be eating more on this plan than i do normally every day, its just this plan is alot more healthy than what ive currently been eating

(if anyone notices any of my points are wrong please let me know so im corrected) :)

Saturday 10th Jan 09

Honeydue melon & asda low fat yogurt =3 points

Jacket potato,2 teaspoon portion of low fat marg and spagetti hoops small tin
= 5.5 points

Snack - Quavers -prawn
=1.5 points

WW ocean pie ready meal & zero point veg

Sugar free jelly
Diet Coke/Pepsi
Wine 2 glasses =4 points
Asda choc cornetto = 3 points

Had a good day on WW for my first full day
Looking forward to tomorrow
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welcome to WW :) if you stick to it i definitely think you will manage before your holiday in december :) good luck! xxx

Newbie here too!! Almost at end of first week and feel so much better for it. This site is such a great help isn't it?! It definately makes it much easier to organise your shopping list for the week, then stick to it. I also managed to talk my b/f into eating healthy dinners with me and he absolutely loves them. I even managed to rope him into making dinner the other night :D

Good luck this week, you sound like you are on track!!

Joanne x
Thankyou everyone for the comments.

I didnt get up till late so hence why i only started eating from lunch lol
Ive had an ok day today, so il probably edit this post later if i have anythink else to eat later on as i have 5 points left from today

Sunday 11th Jan 09

Nimbles bread, 2 slices
=1 point
2 eggs
=3 points
Dash of milk
= 0.5 points
2 low fat sausages
=3 points
Small tin of beans
=2 points
Total = 9.5

stew with small amount of beef
=4 points
nimbles bread, 2 slices
=1 point

Total = 5

walkers baked crisp
=1.5 points
Asda cornetto
=3 points
Glass of wine
=2 points

Total points used = 21
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i Dont know where to put this apart from on my food diary

so if anyone knows please let me know

i weighed myself today & im showing 12stone 7 lbs

which means ive lost 7lbs in 1 & 1/2 weeks

Is this normal?

It's been 1 & 1/2 weeks since i last weighed myself and thats the length of time since i cut all the junk food out too, Plus i have ran 4 miles this week as well as been active in my everyday hobbie of horse riding
i wouldnt expect it everyweek eaither lol

Please advise?

cheers x
Bloomin well done you!!!! Give yourself a big pat on the back!! I'm no expert but I reckon its pretty normal. In the past when i've been pretty strict ive lost 7lbs in 2 weeks, I think you lose a lot of retained fluid in first week.

I've got weigh in tomorrow so keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Monday 12th Jan 09

ww lemon cheese cake yogurt
=1 point
2 tangerine

2 crumpets with measured out butter and jam
=4 points
readybrek with splash of milk
=3 points

ww beef lasgane
=5 1/2 points
2 pitta breads
=3 points

walker baked crisps
=1.5 points
mini cornetto
=3 points

Todays total points used = 21.5

Over by 0.5 points

Had a good day today with the ww plan, but went bed early as i had a really bad migrane hence why ive only just posted
Tuesday 13th Jan 09

2 crumpets with measured out marg and jam
=3 points
2 tangerines
=2 points
ww yogurt
=1 points

2 pitta bread
=3 points
wafer thin beef (1 slice)
=1.5 points
1 tangerine

ww ocean pie
=4 points
2 slices of nimbles bread
=1 points

mini cornetto
=3 points
walker baked crisps

Total points used today =21

still not feeling 100% today but ive felt full all day

Hows it going this week? I got good result for my WI on mon, lost 3.5lbs so was really chuffed. My computer broke a couple of days ago and its been a nightmare not being able to get on to this forum, it keeps me going!!

Hope you're having a good week :D
ive not been on here for a while as ive had a headache every night after work this week, so the last thing ive wanted to do was log onto a computer

ive been good all week, but my boyfriend came back from spain thurs night and i had to have some blood test on thursday too, so when i got home i went for a meal with him

i had 18 point save from the morning so i ordered a beefburger but only ate 3/4 of it - it was good - im know it not good but i needed a pick me up .

anyway just weighed myself and ive lost 1 pound - which is good as its better then gaining lol

so im happy, just planning next week food shop and im going to used some of the recipes off here too
my b/f is also starting on it today so we both said we want to loose 3 stone by dec 09 so we'l see how it goes

Well done on your 1lb loss, with that and last weeks loss you've done amazingly well!! and its no wonder you're feeling a lot slimmer!!

Thats good your bf is going to start with you this week, it definately helps having someone to keep you going. My mum is doing it with me so it makes a huge difference!

Got my weigh in tomoz and hoping for good loss (fingers crossed) Hope your having a good wkend chick


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