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Hi guys.

Getting a little bit miffed off right now and I'm not sure where I stand with the law or what I can do.

My partners ex keeps messaging us.. texts, facebook.. even using different names on facebook to message us when we've blocked the one she used before!

We've told her time after time to stop contacting us but she doesn't give up. It's been quiet for about a month but i've just had another message tonight. She keeps trying to split me and Craig up. Saying Craig has been sleeping with her behind my back (he hasn't, i'm with him 24/7) and she's even said to him that he's not allowed to see his daughter unless he splits up with me and gets back with her.

I don't know what to do now, it's really driving a wedge between us. I'm not sure whether I can go to the police or not?

Please help x
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You can go to a solicitor and take evidence, they can send a stern letter ,which will probably stop her. I'm not sure about the police,to be honest,I'm sure they have better things to do than worry about messages. It's only if there's threats to kill,they would get involved,I think. Ignoring someone is always the best way,she'll get fed up at some point. Just be happy,what can se do? X


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If she's messaging your partner the police will take it very seriously. It's a domestic incident and will be treated as such. Most forces have zero tolerance for any kind of domestic incidents


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Several things you can do.

1) nothing - ignore and don't react
2) change number(s)
3) contact police
4) see solicitor
5) ditch Facebook

It can't drive a wedge between you unless you allow it.

For a social network FB has to be the most unsocial invention of the 21st century/internet era:(


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Actually if you contact the police they will give her a courtesy call round and explain if it does not stop then they can happily serve her with not only an injunction but an harassment order ...... Which ever way she needs to stop

Harassment of any sort can be very distressing and change even the simple ways you live your life.... Get it stopped she's clearly a bully.....

Hope you get it sorted Hun xxx


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I would personally delete my FB account but if you don't want to do that I think there's a setting where you can disallow messages from people who aren't friends. Then she can't contact you from other accounts.

I think it may be worth contacting the police just to see if there's anything the can do.

Don't let her come between you, she sounds like a very jealous person and not a very nice one at that. She can't stop your OH from seeing his daughter and I would definitely recommend legal advice if she attempts to do this.

Good luck with everything, I hope it all works out okay. X


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Hi Hun,

I had a similar experience with Facebook from my hubby's ex. She posed as somebody else and then added me as a friend gaining access to all my pics which she then began to slag off... particularly my wedding pics, sending me countless nasty messages.

I reported her to Facebook and there is the option to do this. I told them I was seeking legal action against her (I wasn't at that time) and they needed to do something fast. I gave them a couple of email addresses that I knew she used. They immediately kicked her off. I then set my profile to private so it doesn't show up even if somebody puts in my name. If I want to add someone I have to do it as they cannot. She sent a couple of emails after this but I didn't respond...wouldn't give her the satisfaction. I would have gone to the Police though if it had have continued.

Facebook has a lot to answer for in a lot of respects but I use it for various other reasons...like picking messages up from my kids when they have no phone credit! :rolleyes: and I play the games on there plus my SW group has a FB page too. People have their own opinions about it but I say each to their own.

If this woman is using the child as a means of gaining control over the situation then the only way to address that is through legal means. Unfortunately that could work out costly if your OH is working. Instead of her acting like an adult and allowing your partner to be a Father, it sounds like she is just being utterly stupid. Some people don't realise how they messing up their kids lives do they?

You could report it to the Police as they do take things like this seriously. Keep a log of all the messages she sends you, print them off and show these to the Police. Evidence is what they'll be looking for.

As for the things she's saying to you about your OH sleeping with her well you know that's a tactic that she believes will get to you and drive a wedge between you. Don't let it! Seriously, don't let the seed of doubt creep in...it's what she wants. Think about why your OH isn't with her and chooses to be with you.

You two have a wonderful Christmas and don't let her spoil it. :bighug: