Hard Day, but Made It


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so today is day 4 for me, normally my hardest day, and it didnt let me down.
however it hasnt been as hard as on previous attempts!

started off ok, but by about half 2 the headache was taking hold, and the light from my lap top was actually hurting my eyes.
survived doing sunday stuff till 4 and then gave into some sleep for a couple of hours.

feel lots better now, had 2 shakes and a bar today, some black coffees, but am really struggling with the water, seems to make my head feel worse?

still all in all it wasnt as bad as expected and i feel like ive made it through lol
onwards and upwards!
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Mrs Taurus

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Well done for staying strong,always harder at weekend as well. When I have been good on a Sunday I always find I feel good the following morning and don't have the Monday morning blues x


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Well done for getting through it! atleast its passing now and im sure 2mora will be an easier day :) x