Hardest Day


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Good evening fellow lipotrimmers . Thought it may be a good idea to share which days you find the hardest and if a few have the same difficult days we can get through them together . . . Mines a Sunday and so far going ok ,. But I find it's the day that bothers me most !!
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Mine is Sat the day I find the hardest. I really struggled yesterday to the point I cried!!
Kept myself very busy today, I think that the thing to do. My house has never been so clean lol


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likewise pepper saturday was always a takeaway dvd and a wee glass of something nice but like yourself spent last night cleaning out cupboards I can now walk into :D


Yesterday day 4 was hardest for me give in and eat totally blown me back !! Mind day 5 today feeling so much better but will have to go through the ketosis stage again xx


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Friday nights. I nearly threw the towel in on Friday. I was so so close. But I DIDN'T! Was so chuffed with myself but I know I'll get more days like that.


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My hardest days used to be Friday and Saturday but now I'm not so sure... Definitely miss my kebabs and beers though lol... Won't ever be going back to that


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Mine is the weekend also but i manage to get through and the week normally sails by but defo miss the weekend takeaway but all this effort and re-education of eating will all be worth it in the long run


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Mine is the weekend as kids r at home so I'm around food all day and I do miss my Saturday nite take aways in front of the tv I find week days easier


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Sundays are very tough for me. The smell of the Sunday roast wafting around the house is so tempting. Yesterday I cleaned out the bathroom while hubby & kids ate their lunch. The smell of toilet cleaner drowned out the lovely smell of dinner :)
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oh the weekends definitely. Our friends used to come around the odd sat night and we'd get takeaway dvd and wine.......mmmm i miss the local thai