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Harvester steaks

Out to lunch today, so just wondered if anyone knows if the steaks are safe to eat at the Harvester given that Wetherspoons steaks seem to be a bit dodgy on the syns if you take the chips etc away from the meals there. If not, what is safe to eat please apart from the salad cart. I'm just wondering if they put oil on them or something before killing them on the grill. Wish I could get people to go for a carvery, I would be reasonably safe there lol.
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I used to work at a harvester and they never added anything to the steaks before cooking them. They are grilled so as long as you dont eat the fat it should be ok.
Not sure if anyone has more up to date knowledge that'll prove me wrong then fair enough, it was about 8 years ago since i left lol!
Oooh what do they do to their steaks??!!! How many syns are their steaks then, I've never thought to look? Maybe they fry the steaks, I have no idea just clutching at straws really. xx
i always have simply chicken, Or the steak with jacket and just remove the fat when it comes to me. i always ask for no oil to be used, and i usually have the melon starter to cram in some more free foods.. xlolx
I usually have the gammon with jacket potato and a salad. I sometimes take my Heinz extra light mayo to have with the salad, so that Im not missing out! If you have the eggs, they are 1 syn each. I have the fruit skewers for dessert and ask not to have any icecream/ cream with it too.

I think I read somewhere that Wetherspoons inject their steaks with stuff to give it the syn value.
I have them fried in oil Hun, so the book says 1 syn each...as I dont use many syns anyway, I like having 2 eggs :)


Minimins is the best!
i love harvester!
i always have salad cart piled high to start, gammon and pineapple with a jacket and a side order of corn and then fruit skewers..with the icecream!!! and i know its not that many syns so really enjoy it as a treat :)
I don't understand how syns can be so high at places like Wetherspoons?

Surely, even if they inject butter or oil to something, it would only be a tiny amount, and the steak or jacket potatoe would be free anyway on EE, so how can the syn values be so high?
Not sure where all this 'injecting' oil and butter lark has come from.....my best friend worked at Wetherspoons last summer and she says the potatoes are normal potatoes and the steaks arrive 'vac packed' are cooked in the normal way, i.e. on a grill.
One thing she did say is if you are having jacket spud then make sure you ask for no butter as she saw one girl putting far too much in, but thats once they are cooked.....sounds like me before SW!!
Thats the trouble isn't it, food can look quite harmless ie a steak, or a jacket spud, but unless you actualy know what they have done to it before you eat it, your in the hands of the gods.
I was brilliant at the Harvester, had the steak, boiled mushrooms and I asked for 2 poached eggs instead of the chips and sweetcorn. Lots of salad and I avoided the potatoe salad which is brilliant for me. Good day. xx
I was really good last night and had plain steak and jp but treated myself to a "rocky something dessert" anyone know how many syns in them, feeling very guilty this morning !

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