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Has anybody joined after lipotrim or a similar tfr diet?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by nataliej, 16 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. nataliej

    nataliej Silver Member

    M starting extra easy next week and just wondered if anyone else has started after a total food replacement plan like lipotrim?....if so how did you get on? I'm worried I won't loose any weight after being on lipo for 8 weeks but I love the look of it
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  3. Beautyxx

    Beautyxx Full Member

    Sorry I have not done a diet like this before, but just wanted to give you some encouragement on joining SW.

    You seem to have lost an amazing amount on the lipotrim diet, so well done for that.

    SW is so completely different to the diet you have ben doing that you might notice a small gain of maintain for the first week or two because your body will be going through a massive digestion change.

    All I would really say is with this in mind give slimming word time to settle in - it really does work well, but it might take you a little longer to see this on the scales compared to someone who has not been on diet before starting.

    Few things to help you make the transition;

    Drink lots doesn't matter what but drink plenty - water, squash, diet coke, tea or coffee (milk from your healthy extra). SW recommend 6 / 8 glasses a day. Its important for cells to have enough water in them, but even more so when transitioning from one diet to another as adequate fluid really does help your digestion.

    Eat plenty of fibre to aid the transition. You might see scan bran for sale in group, this is like fibre dynamite. You can have 5 pieces as a health B choice - they are not the greatest thing to try and consumer, but there is a section in the recipes to give you more palatable ways to consume. I wouldn't ever eat daily, but maybe once or twice a week (if you eat scan bran you must consume water). Again this is a digestion aid.

    Enjoy eating food again, eat till you are satisfied (your appetite will probably be smaller because of the diet you have done) don't feel the need to eat lots, just eat till satisfied.

    Don't weight between weeks, seeing a gain a few days in can be upsetting when by the end of the week it can be completely different.

    Once again, don't judge yourself on he few couple of weeks, you might have great losses, but give yourself some slack to adjust from one to the other.

    All the best.
  4. WelshJojo

    WelshJojo Gold Member

    Alot of it will depend on whether you followed a proper refeed plan - slowly introducing foods! Worse case scenario you will gain the same amount as you lost the first week on a tfr, as your body refills it's glycogen stores! But rest assured, once your body gets used to eating again you'll start to lose again! Good luck xx

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  5. nataliej

    nataliej Silver Member

    Thanks for your input guys...I'm feeling a lot more confident about slimmingworld now!.... I have to do so,e sort of plan otherwise I'll end up at square one so I'm quite prepared to put on a few lbs to begin with although I'm hoping not too much!...will exercise and try my hardest not to weigh in haha.
    Yes I will be following a refeed plan where different food groups come in to play at different times ...lipo trim say its a week but I'll do that then do another week of something similar to the refeed but gradually upping my calories. This way when I start slimming world it shouldn't be too much of a shock tot he system?
    So excited I've been writing down recipes and writing down shopping lists, haven't eaten a thing in 8 weeks haha..taste buds will go crazy!
    Do you think if I stick to the plan but have minimal carbs and syns it may improve my chances of not gaining or do you think I should do it properly have my syns and fill up on the free food? I used to always do the green day but I'm going to try the extra easy as I'm less fussy these days I never used to eat meat but now I'm all over chicken,eggs, steak and I love quorn products. I'm hoping it's going to work im really looking forward to it and don't wanna be disheartened... Plenty of water and exercise thanks for your advice!! X
  6. jennjenn84

    jennjenn84 Full Member


    i think if your going to do the plan properly you should be using your syns as they are an important part of the diet.
  7. nataliej

    nataliej Silver Member

    Yeh your prob right, because when it comes to a time when I'll want or need the syns it'll be a shock...so you stick to around 10 a day? Is there any kind of healthy syns I can have instead of chocolate or crisp lol
    Last edited: 18 February 2014
  8. jennjenn84

    jennjenn84 Full Member

    I have up to 15 syns a day, usually 12ish. I usually use them for little treats so I don't feel deprived and want to binge.
  9. Willbeslimjen

    Willbeslimjen Gold Member

    You can use syns n anything, healthy options would be dried fruit, dried nuts, bread, the bear yo yo are good. Another option are the graze light boxes
  10. nataliej

    nataliej Silver Member

    Ohhhh I had a leaflet about those graze boxes looks delicious... I think I'll use my syns on things like nuts and extra bread if need be. I always love to have a cup of chocolate options in the eve so perhaps that too :)
  11. nataliej

    nataliej Silver Member

    Started my refeed from lipotrim today!....first bit of food in 7 weeks!....2 shakes and chicken breast and small salad for dinner...salads never tasted so good haha.
    1 shake and 2 meals tomorrow!...can't wait to begin my slimming worl journey next week :)
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