Has anyone actually kickstarted after AAM


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I had a small weight loss on week 3 and was worried about doing AAM this week but i am having very small amounts of chicken and pickles. Did anyone actually find that doing AAM kickstarted their metabolism and they had better weight loss after doing it after slowing up before AAM. I am so worried I will have a bad weight loss, as my holiday is looming in 1 month, if I fully do AAM properly but also wonder if it may have an upside sometimes?
Yes, I know people who've lost loads on AAM week, and also those whose weight has stayed the same but who have had good losses the next week.

Try not to panic - we all respond differently to AAM.

PS When you say pickles, do you mean pickled cabbage, which is allowed. I don't think that any other pickles are allowed eg gherkins as they contain carbs (erm I think!!)
Hi Bambi

I love doing AAM weeks. It does seem to kick start my metabolism and I tend to lose a little bit extra the week after I have finished. I do still lose during AAM week. Stick to the right things and the right amounts and you can't go wrong. Some do find that doing AAM can kick start cravings. I keep my AAM's quite bland, just a touch of fresh herbs to try and avoid this as much as possible.
Good luck and enjoy

Jazzy x