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Has anyone ever bought from here?


Strong women stay slim
hello stranger , welcome back where have you been hiding ,
btw , no i have not seen that site before .
are you thinking of doing that diet
Well hello there Love.. :) I been popping back and fore onto cd forum left few threads over the year, loads of new people obviousley dont know me :(

I am back doing low carb now, can not afford CD :(... I am kind of doing atkins, for the next few days then i will cut the fat out when i am in ketosis!!

Confusing though on what veg/salad i can have, have to count the carbs!! I am sure i will still lose weight if i go over 20g a day..

How have you been? What diet you doing now?


Strong women stay slim
Well , from nov I have put on 2 stone , i was trying to get back into Cd from Jan 2nd , but found out my mum had only months to live on the 2nd Jan , then I thought i'll try again , well I had to go for blood tests friday and until I get my results she has told me no CD until I get my results , so hoping to get them back this week sometime ... Hey , so your getting into K mode , you will soon gets lots of help on here i'm sure , from people who have done the diet , so hard when your trying to find out what you can eat , how has life been for you girl ?
Awe bless you, i am so sorry to hear about your mum (((( hugs )))) ..

Well when you get the bloods all done then go for it! That website has so many low carb products i have ordered loads, especially sweets!! Amazing and its free p & p.. Can't go wrong..

Life is ok i suppose, lol... Just feel fat urghhh, i gained like 2 half stone since december, stupid weight watchers diet, what was i thinking? lol


Strong women stay slim
I know girl so easy to gain , thanks for the hug , :)
Hey that site seems like its going to give you lots of treats , like your not even on a diet hehe , you was doing great on CD , hey lets hope you do just as well on this , low carbing
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]What are Polyols?
Polyols, sometimes referred to as "Sugar Alcohols" are sugar free sweeteners, these include isomalt, sorbitol, xylitol, maltol syrups (sometimes called hydrogenated starch hydrolysates). They contain fewer calories per gram than sugar and are less likely to cause tooth decay or alteration to the blood glucose level. In some cases, especially if eaten excessively, Polyols can cause gas or have a considerable laxative effect.
Artifical sweeteners, not absorbed by your body so do not count towards carb count. Will give you major sh*ts if you eat too many!! xx

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