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Has anyone finished the entire diet, then regained their lost weight?

Dr Dukan says that if you follow the diet all the way through you will not gain weight again.

My husband was asking what stops you from putting on all of your lost weight again, even if you follow the required steps, water, oatbran, walking, pp thursday etc.

Has anyone put a tidy sum of weight back on once they have completed all of the stages of the diet?
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You can't finish this diet, stabilisation is for the rest of our lives:D PP thursdays is a constant reminder, and honestly I really don't think I can go back to where I was even if I wanted to. I remember having 2 croissants for breakfast with a grande frappuccino, oh my...


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I have finished this diet, cut conso short and I don't do the PP day a week and my weight is stablised. Even went on holiday to Italy last week and I weighed the same when I came back. I think I am 11 or 12 weeks past my finish of cruise now.

I think a lot of it will be the reason why you have gained weight and any change in attitude to food and eating, that will keep the weight off. For me it had gradually crept up, underactive thyroid played its part. I was not an over eater in the sense that I didn't binge or eat huge meals but obviously over ate or I wouldn't have gained weight.


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I have kept if off a year now, (started Conso Sept 2010) BUT I am working at it. (yes with the Oatbran, PP days) Also depends on how you were' before' - I was stabilized at ~75kg, ate what I liked, didn't gain but was overweight, had never dieted, with an active lifestyle so the third premise/promise made no idderence to my lifestyle whatsoever. *Now* I can't quite go back to that my old lifestyle as far as food is concerned. DD showed me how not to but personally I have to be careful as I am an avid cook and baker... and of course still like to enjoy the results... So I tend to have some 'normal' meals and some PV-type meals whilst following an overall conso attitude plus small extras (like having a piece of cake at a party today - but ONLY ONE).


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Basically, if we revert to our pre-Dukan eating habits, and lack of exercise habits, of course we'll regain our weight. I think that's possibly what your husband means.

I often say that the really hard work starts at Phase 3 - Conso. (Where I always have problems!)
Hi Jo,

Hope you don't mind me asking, but what do you find causes the probs in consolidation? I know I have mentioned before that I worry how I will cope introducing 'banned' foods, gala meals etc.

On cruise we know exactly what we can and can't eat and there are no cravings for naughties, I hope my resolve can stay strong on the next phase... Trying to arm myself with a much info as poss ;)

Back to OP - I think the idea that we can eat whatever we like like as long as we have a pp day a week is not really accurate, and probably what your husband is wondering about. From the diaries here, people are pretty much still following consolidation rules whilst in stabilisation, few extra treats, but not whatever they like all the time. But, I suppose that is how most 'normal' people eat, couple of treat meals, the odd chocolate, few glasses of wine etc, but not the treats every day at most meals (how I have been known to eat pre Dukan, every meal was a gala!) ;)
I think with any diet, if you go back to eating much the same way pre-diet, then the weight will go back on.

This is why Dukan is good - lots of variety, different cooking methods, not eating packaged foods (too much). All of these are useful. Bear in mind that conso is just cruise with a few daily extras -bread, cheese, fruit - one portion of each and a weekly gala and carb meal (and that stabilisation, although few guidelines are given, is really just conso with a few extras).

Dukan has changed the way I eat for good and I have no desire to eat as I did pre-diet, that's probably why it works. The only thing I don't enjoy is PP Thursday (white PP on stabilisation), but usually I can get around that by having a green PV instead (but don't follow me when you get there;)).


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Hi Jo,

Hope you don't mind me asking, but what do you find causes the probs in consolidation? I know I have mentioned before that I worry how I will cope introducing 'banned' foods, gala meals etc.
The first time I went into Conso, I was very upset because from day 1 I gained weight. Seeing the weight pile back on, while following the then Conso rules (they've changed since...), was soul destroying. At the time, on the site I was on, no one else seemed to be struggling. So from week 2, I guess, I started dieting on Conso, having less of the newly introduced foods or skipping them entirely, but still having my TWO galas (at the time) and the weight continued to increase ... and then I lost the plot, and returned to my comfort eating.

I finally dared to speak out, and discovered that I actually wasn't the only one regaining in Conso. Just that others had gone quiet!

My regain was probably due to my going way below my true weight, which is probably also why I'm very vocal at encouraging others not to make that mistake too!

Otherwise, my issues as a "compulsive eater" return once I am allowed a little of something. As a dieter or binge eater, the middle ground is difficult for me.

At the moment, I'm hanging in there :) But, if you read my signature carefully, you'll see that I'm now around my START Dukan weight!

I think it's brilliant, though, that people (like Couteaux) are looking ahead. Once the ketosis crutch is kicked away, real life awaits. Some do well there...
Thanks Jo, really appreciate you posting that.

I have issues once certain foods are 'allowed' too. At the moment, chocolate does nothing for me, but `i know once that gala meal is up for grabs, I will most likely want to indulge. My worry is, once I do start, can I stop? I miss the odd glass of wine, but I won't sit there and consume 1000's of calories from alcohol, whereas chocolate/cheese etc can easily stack up.

I've always been very all or nothing when it comes to food, on a diet or off it, and I just hope I can keep that in check once I hit my true weight. Ensuring I post here should help keep me from going bonkers.

I'm definitely taking your comments re not going too low weight wise on board. I have been having a good think and realise I need to be able to live & maintain comfortably at my target and I don't want to battle to stay there.

Really hope I will be back in a few months telling you how well it is going in consolidation. :D

Your before & after pictures are amazing, Jo. You are also still very close to your target after 4 years. I'd be over the moon and am in awe.


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eight years ;)
Whoops, I was reading the 2007 bit, doubly in awe then!! :D


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Don't be... it's a very slippery slope and I know I could very very easily eat my way straight back up there if I didn't keep beating myself up! (but thank you!!)
Don't be... it's a very slippery slope and I know I could very very easily eat my way straight back up there if I didn't keep beating myself up! (but thank you!!)
I think it is your long term determination that is so inspirational.

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