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Has anyone GAINED the first week?


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Hiya everyone,

I just weighed myself (this is day 3) and it looks as though ive put a lb on!!!!!! Am i being stupid? Or doing SW wrong??!! i know i should have waited until wednesday for my home WI but i felt like it was going well and now this has made me feel like poop ;l!! x
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S: 18st5lb C: 18st5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 47 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
i knew i was just being silly! I need someone to give me a big slap when im edging towards those scales!!!
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I wouldn't worry, especially if your weigh in day is onu Wednesday, it's only been 2 days so I doubt there would be a change! Do t feel like poop honestly just try and keep off them scales! :)


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Plus weight takes a wee bit of time to go on so if you had put on a couple of pounds initially it come be from before you started BUT as Busybee says weight fluctuates daily, you could be a certain weight in the morning and then heavier in the evening or vice versa, could be water retention, could be hormonal etc...
Wait until your weigh in or if doing it at home till 7 days have passed and don't feel disheartened.


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Step away from the scales :D my weight can go up 4/5 times a day it messes with your mind.

If you are following the plan and doing everything you are suppossed to, you will be fine.

Try and be patient and wait til official weigh in day :D its hard I know :eek:


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Yeah I did the same thing yesterday. I weighed myself and it looked like I had gained 2lb. So going to wait until Tuesday now.


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I didn't gain 1st week but I did the 2nd!! And did the same thing for both weeks, I'm a bit like that I can honestly say I do the same every day/week I have same for breakfast & lunch every day and just tea time I change daily, I stay syn free with all my meals and only have 5-8 syns a day I tend to have choc most nights as I'm watching tv and some weeks I loose 1/2 and others 3 or 4 pound and like I say I honestly do the same from week to week x
Firstly mid-week weigh-ins are WRONG!!! Step away from the scales!!!!

In answer to your question though, YES!! I gained 1 lb in my first week.... but then lost 5 lbs the following week!! I've kept a food diary from the beginning and even now (1 year, 127 days later), looking back at my first week, the only thing I did 'wrong' was not having enough syns.
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In the 2 years I've been weighing people as part of our groups social team I think I've only ever seen about 2 people put on in their first week. The first lady was because it was star week and she lost big the next week and the second lady was because she didn't really understand the plan, I think it took her about 4 weeks before she actually got her head round it and had a loss. That lady got her 2 stone award last Tuesday :D
I did exactly the same! I started Wednesday and jumped on the scales this evening out of curiosity and was a lb heavier. I felt really gutted after. So I'm going to avoid them now until Wednesday.
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Only weigh yourself once a week and at the same time. Your body fluctuates throughout the week so you will only feel disheartened hun. Dont go near them until the correct day of weigh in :)
Good luck xxx


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S: 18st5lb C: 18st5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 47 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
i have gone over 1 syn today just coz ive been sooo hungry. But tomoro ive allocated myself 5 syns so fingers x'd it will sort of balance it out lol!!!!!
yes I agree with what every one has said, DO NOT weigh until weigh day, as it will only send you loopy.

If it does turn out to be a gain (which is very unlikely) it is then you may need to look at what you are doing incase you are going wrong somewhere.

If you are really worried, perhaps post a food diary just for people to have a look at for you.

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