Has anyone had a tummy tuck?


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Hi hope everyone is ok x I have been thinking alot about excess skin and my stomach is never going to be flat thanks to 2 c-sections. I was just wondering if anyone has had or looked into a tummy tuck and if so what your experiences were x x

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Hi there

I looked into it and had a consultation with a plastic surgeon. Ultimately I decided against the main reason being I don't think I had fully appreciated what a major operation it was. Also, it does leave a scar which runs across the full width of your tummy and I guess I questioned whether that would in reality be any better than having saggy skin.

I think it all depends on how bad you feel the situation is and how much it bothers you as to whether it is worth having the surgery. I have heard from people who are extremely pleased and also from those that wish they hadn't bothered so it is a very personal decision.

Not sure any of that helps but just my experience.



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personally i wouldnt go there 1, I cant afford it 2, as Porgous says it is a major op but it all depends on yourself your the one who has to look at your stomach you have to becomfortable with what u see I personally will be investing in some very good control underwear & I am starting to situps hope that helps but ultimately it is down to you & your feelings ( & your Purse) xx


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This is something I struggle to put in words so please bare with me...

After I lost over 7 stone on this in the first place, I had this overhang that reached a very long way down my legs.

I didn't have the money but I was convinced I had conqured my eating problem and I would never be fat again!!!

So I booked an appointment and got a loan and went for it...

The operation was a sucess in as much as I lost the overhang, but and this is the most vital part- if you eat the same as you did before the tummy tuck the weight goes different places.... On me it went above the area of my stomach, under my breasts, and as was pointed out to me hundreds of times "I am A FREAK"... yes I don't look feminine, I look deformed...

So please please make sure your weight is conquored before you consider even going for a consult..

I am working on loosing this disgusting mass of flesh but I know in my heart I cannot afford to get another loan, and thus I will always carry this deformity- even if its smaller hopefully in a few months!!! :cry:

So many people have this op and everything is brilliant- so don't just go on my bad experience, I don't want to scare you, I just don't want anyone to suffer as I am due to false confidence in being "cured" from obesity..


must lose twinny belly :)
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after 4 chcildren and a section my tummy is soooooo numb, my doc said if i need one i can be put on nhs waiting list - after complete weight loss but its very longg xxxx


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Thank you all for your advice. Not sure if I will have a tummy tuck or not just something I was thinking of. Might get to my ideal weight and be happy with that. Hubby has said if I am sure it is what I want when I get to a healthy weight then he will pay for it but he wants me to find out as much as possible about it and be completely certain.

Porgeous not sure if I would want a big scar either as my c section scar is very low and not noticable but that would certainly be.

Fragglerock64 I am not sure if I could go through major surgery having already had two c sections and an op to remove an ovarian cyst that burst will have to see how I feel when I get to goal.

Samonamission I really appreciate hearing that it might not always be wonderful after I have the op and what might happen. I really need to hear the truth rather than stories on cosmetic surgery websites which of course paint a very rosy picture. Thank you so much for sharing that with me. It has really made me think and I would have to make sure I maintained my weight for a number of years first. Madmumto4 my stomach feels numb too. Did not realise it could be done on the NHS.

Taylor I think I will always have that overhang too. Glad to hear it doesnt show in normal clothes though. I will have to see if I can live with it.

Thank you all for the advice again. Really appreciate it x x