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Has anyone tried


Yep, they're bogging too. Kind of in the same category as Schwartz Spanish veg mix! :D My favourite is the little carrot cakes from WW that are 1 pt each.


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never had them but the carrot cake slices are AMAZING

Mumma K

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:cry: flipping heck if the Spainish mix is that bad i'm dreading dinner tomorrow now :8855:

they had a really wierd texture too kind of slimey :9529:


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The sponges are a bit tough . the carrot cakes oooo yummy yum yumm


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I haven't tried the sponges, I was eyeing them up today... something made me change my mind and I'm glad I did after these reviews!

STRONGLY promote the carrot cake slices... beautiful things!
And, from a time when I could have chocolate :( [6 days to go, people!] the Belgian Chocolate Slices are pretty tasty too.

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:eek: Oh dear! I must be very strange, I bought the Victoria sponges today to try - have only had one but I thought it was OK!!!



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Me too Elkay!... I don't mind the Victoria Sponges at all!!! (But they could be a little more soft) Though my faves at the mo are the individually wrapped WW Choc Cake bars(1.5points), the WW carrot cake slices(1point)... yummy and the round WW carrot cakes that are 2points each.

I try not to buy the Carrot Cake slices too often as I find I love them soooo much I struggle to stop at 1 and eat the lot within 2days! lol


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2 days?!?!!? I find if i buy any of these kind of cakes i eat the whole box in one sitting, hence why i ave not bought any this time on ww!

Mumma K

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I'm going to pick up some of these carrot cake slices as they do sound delish
also had the caramel chocolate shortcake things yuck yuck yuck !!!!


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i like the lemon slices at 1pt each. and also the reduced fat ww cream is great in soups


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Soooooo glad I read this. I was going to pick some up on friday but decided on the yummy yummy lemon cake slices yet again. I can't stop eating these but have been able to limit myself to 2 a day. lol. I was going to get them tomorrow when i popped into town but don't think I will bother. Never tried carrot cake. lol. The whole idea of putting a vegetable in a cake just freaks me out. lol. Thanks fo the info ladies and gents x