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Has Pink Patch made me gain weight!!? HELP

Hello all!

In the last week I changed two things about my diet... one is I stopped drinking diet soda (damn aspertame creeps me out) and the second one is I started taking pink patches. Funnily enough the scale tells me I've lost weight at a much slower rate than the usual before I started taking patches and stopped drinking 1 can of diet soda a day. (Even though I've eaten less than usual since then also!!!) Now... that's odd! I wonder what's causing it... the pink patch or the diet soda? In theory, the pink patch and stopping to drink diet soda should cause a weight loss (or at least help with water retention)? I'm confused now!

I couldn't find relevant information about it on google, when i searched. In theory, both these moves should at least have made things remain the way they are, not work in a counter productive way to my diet!

Oh, and about the patch, It makes you feel less groggy and gives you nicer skin. On the downside, I can't see much of that "curbing your appetite" thing going. (Still have major craves and gustos, and feel every inch of my hunger) I didn't expect it to do anything for me weight loss wise, but I was in it for the other effects. I say it's cheaper and also more effective than skin cream, it gives you nice skin all around after only a couple of days! I'm a bit spooked about the hampered weight loss though. Any ideas as to the causes? Is it the patch or the soda? (Not that I want to start drinking it again... but the patch is easy to peel off ;) )
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You say you are eating less, maybe you aren't eating enough? Also, what have you replaced the diet soda with? Carbonated soft drinks are diuretics and will make you pee more so you could now be retaining more water without realising.

I don't know much about the Pink Patch although I am curious. The only thing I do know is this: If there was a miracle cure for weight loss it wouldn't be affordable to the average person!
I replaced it with water. (No, actually I started drinking a can of sugared coke each day and I'm wondering why I'm not loosing :rolleyes: lol.)

The thing is that the pink patch is supposed to have a slightly diuretic effect also..

I'm not eating substantially less than what I usually eat... ca. 100 calories less only, plus I've done that before and it didn't have that effect.

I think I may just stop taking the patch, since my BMI is barely 22 and I'm not overweight and if it "decreases" my metabolism I'd rather just leave it be.

Ah well, nevermind! Thanks for your reply.
hey Ruth001

.....did u buy the pink patch online? the free trial thing?? my mate did and found it didnt actually do that much either. anyway i was just writing to let u kno that the pink patch company will automatically start charging ur bank account after the trial month is over and will continue to do so every month untill u write to them to tell them to stop. just thought id let u kno incase u missed it in the terms and conditions....which my friend did and ended up having to pay for 3 months worth!!

also weight loss tends to slow anyway it cud just be a natural thing, like if ur due on? or if maybe u've had speedy weightloss up until now? its only natural it will start to slow or plataue ..it will speed up again...well normal does! mine tends to go down a pound a day for 5days then get stuck for a week then i'll start loosing again! weighloss is a strange but wonderful thing. but also very confusing wen ur dieting and doin the same thing everyday....u kinda expect the weightloss to be the same also!

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