Has WW changed since the 'Switch' days?


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I'm going to try WW but know I will struggle money and time wise to attend a class weekly. I did WW for about 1 week a few years ago and have dug out my old books but they are from the 'Switch' days.

I was wondering whether things have changed that much since then or whether I could use the books with the points values and still be ok.

I don't have a clue about the points values of anything so thought I could use these books but obv don't want to if the diet has changed since then.

It's really the values of the basics I need to know and assume they won't have changed but hoping someone could confirm this for me!

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Hi Edwin,

I am of no use to you here as I don't know the switch system.
Just wanted to wish you the best of luck with ww.
Sure it will work really well for you.

Best of luck and hoping some who is more experienced than me can help.

Good luck


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I think youd be safer buying the new books, youll probably get 2009 ones for a good price on ebay just now. Its so long since its been Switch I expect there have been some changes, and even little ones could mount up and make a difference.


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Thanks for the replies.

I think you're rightI probably should get the new books as one small change to the ingredients of a branded food could have a big impact on the points value. I'm just desparate to same pennies at the moment as well as lose weight!