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Hate these lipotrim weekends

I am so fed up from friday night until sunday morning on this diet its only my 4th weekend on it but its killing me I used to go out quite a bit or have adrink in and i miss it.

It doesnt help that my boyfriend has still been going out every saturday last week he went for a few drinks at about 2pm an never got back till 2 in the mornin now today hes just gone to fix his mates roof an i asked him if he was going out he said i dont know yet so I said il probly see you tomorrow then an he got a big cob on with me, aarrrgggh sorry to rant guys its just that iv got 2 kids i cant drink on this diet and if I even attempted to leave the kids with him every week while i went out all night there would be murder, this is my 4th weekend an hes been out for 2 of the last 3 the only time he stayed in was because he was working im just so wound up.

Sorry again for the rant but i just need to let it out on here before i eat or drink out of frustration xxx
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its not forever jo marty, it will be worth it, if you used to going out why dont u go with him tonight and drink fizzy water? u will feel fantastic getting ready and when u out and every1 commenting on the 20.5 lb you have lost ?


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Hi Jo

the best place to rant is here. It is best to just get everything off your chest so that you dont go and eat/drink.

I agree with Nicolas....no reason why you cant go out too? I havent deprived myself of any nights/functions whilst on LT. The diet is restrictive enough without putting that on you. Just so long as you stick to sparkly water. You seem so determined, so, why not??

Go for it! And,like Nic says you will no doubt get lots of compliments about your weight loss.

Take care and hope it gets a bit better for you...just try and not dread the weekends, as it will be horrid for you!
Hi Jo please dont let this weaken your determination you are half way there now. It wont be much longer till your at your goal.

I agree with the others go out anyway and have the sparkly water people will notice the difference, that will give you a boost and you will notice the weekend has come and gone and onto another week with more determination.

I liked my drinkies to, but when I got out with friends I realised it was not as bad as thought just being out was fun and most people thought i was on vodka lemonade.

Good Luck xxx
I agree hun, no reason why LT should spoil your fun - ans you must feel like we all do that a drink on a friday night bears no comparison to how wonderful it is to be 20lbs lighter and pretty much half way to goal!!

sparkly water is def the way to go and no hangover or late night munchies to deal with either!

enjoy yourself - i thought i'd have to put my life on hold for nearly a year starting this but it's just not true!

Aw thanks everyone, im feelin a bit better now just got myself ready an gonna go an see me mum an me nan with the kids dont know if I can manage a night out with no drink but I might try it next week im only gonna do the lipotrim for 8 weeks so it should be over quite fast im feelin a lot calmer now just needed a good old moan thanks for all your support xxx
I am glad you are feeling better.
Keep yourself busy and keep posting for support, it will help those 8 weeks fly by.:D:D
Thanks Hellie Eds thanks again everyone too iv done just that kept myself busy today been to see the family then went to a mates so today has flown by gonna watch the boxing tonight me thinks which will be weird without a drink ha but the joy of getting thinner week by week by far out weighs all the negatives xxxx
I was feeling like that last night too Jo Marty had a good rant on here haha i am use to going out from work on a friday and was so bored last night haha... kept myself busy today too and even went out shopping, feeling so much better tonight with my sparkling water...

have a nice night watching the boxing, by the way who is fighting??
Its Amir khan an some foreign fella, I know i just saw your post then its just these weekends im fine from sunday to thursday, oh well cant believe im half way through this now the end is in sight ha ha
I know you'l be grand your doing so well already and you dont have long to go... I love during the week too cause i am busy in work so the day flies in but some weekends i am pulling my hair out lol

Ah right I will have a look at that, it might be on BBC or UTV maybe...

well enjoy your night and rest of weekend:)
Thank God.I thought I was the only one having a miserable time(i don't mean that I'm glad you don't feel great but it doeas make me feel better)
I've worked nights this weekend and hardly slept and now I've got a bloody cold.Feel lousy and we've just been out with the kids and everyone ended up with Mcdonalds :( All I can think about is a big bowl of soup to make me feel better)
I just came on here to read some posts and it has made me feel a little better now(sorry for my rant aswell)I will find the power:)
Hi all
Im starting Lipotrim tomorrow and while half of me is excited I am dreading the weekends as we usually go out or get take aways.

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