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hats off to the cambridge dieters!!!

Hi everyone,
I'm on day 7 of CD, I started off today feeling good but by lunch time i just felt soooo tired and weak willed.Running around after my toddler has taken it out of me and I'm no longer 'fun:p' mommy but ':mad:grumpy' mommmy. My mouth feel really gross despite the extra brushing etc
I've not strayed I really really dont want to spoil the effort i have so far put in but I just cant get my head round how people can do it for months.
I'm maybe just having a bad day ......this site perks me up though;)
Just need some support guys....up until now i have found it quite good going.

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Hey you keep up the good work, you've done so well so far, I know its hard, but you have all of us for support :eek:), so keep going. i'm on day 11 now and it'll be so worth it to see the results when you are weighed. Take care


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For me, the the longer ive been on it the easier it has become, i though at the begining i would never get this far, not me i dont stick to anything, but each week seeing those scales move down, and feeling generally better in myself, pushes me forward with beleif that my goal is achievable, It will get easier, you will soon see the results.

Keep focused, you can do it.
I know how you feel!! Just put my toddler down for a nap and not a moment too soon! I left it too lnog to have my shake and ended up eating cottage cheese too, don't do it or you will feel as crappy as ME!! Guilt! not a good feeling!

And I mowed the lawn this morning and had weigh in I lost 3 pounds in four days and because I was disappointed I ate!! (NO CARBS though!) Don't be like me let your hard work pay off, get ot the weigh in on SS you won't be sorry it is the best motivator!

Good luck keep it up!
Im on day 4 and im feeling EXACTLY the same! I dont understand how anyone can do this for long my heads banging and i feel so weak. Im so determind to do this though after seeing everyones results! Its just so hard and i worry that it wont pay off :(
I'm on day 5 of a re start and am having a 'good day'...not sure if this is your first time doing CD or not but honestly stick with it because if you fall off the wagon now it will be so much harder next time around.

We all have good and bad days and your probably just having a bad one, i remember the first time i did this every 8th one was bad for me. You'll probably start to notce your own pattern but you have done so well to do 7 days already, just keep going and i bet tomorrow you'll be feeling loads better and glad you didn't give in.

You can do it, i never thought i would ever get back on track and if i can do it, you can. Seriously i am usually the weakest willed person ever.xx
It definitely does get easier and it will pay off even though it may not feel like it now, once you hit Ketosis you will feel sooooo much better and more positive.

Then after your first weigh in it will be even more of a boost! Stick with minimins as I find this site soooo useful, esp when i'm not coping so gr8! Hope the rest of your day is going better xxx
thanks guys a little fresh air this afternoon has picked me up a little. Also my hubby has taken the lil un out so have been able to chill out (what a guy ; )


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My day 7 was awful..horrendous...and I caved. Don't do it. It's sooo not worth it. I'm on day 10 now and feeling fabulous again..but I very nearly gave up xx


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Believe us when we all say it gets easier....it really does!! and one week of feeling a bit crappy is nothing compared to the following weeks of compliments and feeling great about yourself!!!!

keep it up, you are doing great and in a few weeks (probably not even that long) you will feel the real euphoria!!!!


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Glad to hear you are feeling better.......
Just wanted to say hang in there. The time goes so quickly.. I never thought I could do something like this.. but Im still here on week 11.. purely on ss and have had no blips..
It does get easier.. and you begin to really like the shakes, bars, soups, mousses or whatever suits your taste.
Good luck and hang in there.. xx
I know exactly what you mean RainbowFrost - I am only on day three and I am feeling rubbish. But I just keep telling myself to take one day at a time and then focus on how I will feel when I hit goal weight. Can you imagine how fantastic you will feel knowing how great you look? Think it is really important to be nice to yourself also - when you feel like caving, distract yourself with planning a shopping trip! x

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