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Have any of you



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I havnt, because to be hoenst i always think i will fail so it will be a waste f money....

really need to stop being a doubting thomas though and get one dont i!!

What are you thinkin of buying hun??
I feel that way too babe, but to be honest my wardrobe is full of sizes ranging from 14 to 20, so I guess I could choose one of my 14's eh - but they are years old! Naaaaa I'll go and see what I can find :) Soooo exciting to think I'm going to feel confortable in clothes for once! I got down to a size 14 in 2002, but then met my Fiancee and started scoffing again! Before I knew it I was a size 16 then 18, then pregnant twice, and now an 18/20! I still have a top in my wardrobe which I bought in 2002 - it was really expensive and I was chuffed to bits that it actually fitted, I'd love to get in it again. Maybe I will just use that as incentive and leave it hanging on the outside of the wardrobe all the time! What would be your dream outfit?


My husband = My hero
Sounnds fab hun! and youve done it before so u know you can do it again!!!

erm my dream outfit would be a REALLY slim fitting dress, with sky high shoes, and not having to wear big sucky in knickers to hide the rolls!!

My birthday outfit to b honest!! so bring on 5 weeks!!

i will get piccies up, so u have to aswel!



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My goal outfit is a pair of Vera Moda size 12 jeans and a t shirt i got at a U2 concert 3 years ago. When I can fit back into these I know i'll be happy. Boaring or what lol...


My husband = My hero
Them boobs arent guna fit in a size 8 girlie ;) x
i had some small trackies in bottom of my wardrobe from when i was thin when i was 16 and i kept aiming towards them. now they are my best fitting pair lol

Also before i did LT i did the goal of getting smaller jeans which helped me a lot as well


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Yes I have a pair of size 12 jeans and a lovely size 12 going out top, I would try it on now but I will probably look like something out of the incredible hulk :D I will have to wait another 4 or 5 stones yet :p
I have seen a beautiful turquoise dress in Littlewoods catalogue that i want to wear for a family get together on May bank holiday weekend but im not sure whether to get a 12 or 14:confused:. Probably best go for the 14 just in case.

I also have a lovely pair of really dressy cream trousers in size 14 that i bought 2 years ago and ive never been able to get into them:sigh: so they are my inspiration for the next few weeks.

mrs bee

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yes, actually my boss bought it for me, a gunmetal coloured prom dress from monsoon, also a cashmere shrug to go with it!! Cqannot wait to wear it!!!


I will be skinny again!!!
Nope im not because my sizes vary so much in different shops...

When I was slim sometimes I still had to buy 14s +
I didnt think of that really. Guess my goal dress really is my wedding one... but Im not buying that until july... ! I have a pic of it tho.. and Ive put it on my desktop. Going shopping tomorrow... so Im gonna have a look at something.. thanx for the idea xx
I just want to look pretty in a pretty dress, so when I get to that stage I will pick something :D


I love my purdy shoes
I bought my wedding dress about August last year when I was just starting Lipotrim I was just under 20 stone....I ordered it in a size 16 which I thought was realistic but since it's been delivered (from usa) I think due to size diffs it seems to be 14. So i'm on the diet longer than I should be lol It's infuriating :eek: