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Attack Have been shopping and ready to start the attack tomorrow!

I am not usually one for 'fad' diets, and this is my first time contributing to an online forum (scary!) but I do not fit in to the bridesmaid dress I need to wear on May 25th and I am hoping this might help me!

I've been in denial about the weight I've put on over the last 6 months and have avoided trying the dress on. I have 7 weeks until the wedding and I am determined to get into that dress!

I will weigh myself every morning and add a food diary every day.

My plan for tomorrow is:

Breakfast: smoked salmon and quark with some capers

Lunch: ham omelette

Dinner: grilled chicken fillets marinated in indian spices and yoghurt with mint

Snack: yoghurt (are toffee muller light allowed or should I stick to plain 0%?)

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Id avoid capers in attack. And stick to total 0%. And have more for dinner. The more you eat the more you lose- honest!
Thanks for the advice.

Seems it's too late for today as have now eaten a few capers with breakfast and brought my lunch with me to work. Hopefully the impact won't be too bad. Will try to avoid the toffee yoghurt too!


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Morning hows it going!????
Feeling good as scales show I've lost 0.5kg!

It was tough yesterday but feeling determined.

Just had lean ham and poached eggs for breakfast with some yoghurt and a cup of tea!

Going out for a friend's birthday tonight so it's going to be a challenge not to drink anything!

How are you?


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Did you manage a ' dry ' party????
It was a challenge but I came through it! Went to friend's house first for drinks - everyone was drinking and there was a huge array of snacks which I avoided. Then went out to a karaoke bar and again I didn't drink. I didn't mention I was on a diet but just drank diet drinks and people didn't notice. Phew.

All my friends are heading out for a roast at a pub so the challenge continues.

I've just had smoked salmon and poached eggs for breakfast so won't be hungry but people will ask questions if I don't eat a roast so must think of an excuse...

I weighed myself this morning and haven't lost any more weight which is disappointing... but I suppose 0.5kg in one day was quite a lot!

REALLY can't wait to eat some vegetables and missing fruit so much. I usually eat so much fruit - prospect of weeks without it seems incredibly daunting. I want to eat a huge bowl of berries!


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If it helps I just tell people I am cutting empty carbs from what I eat! I don't mention the word diet as some people start lecturing! X
Usually I can do that but not eating vegetables seems crazy to most people! To be honest, it seems crazy to me, but I am desperate to lose weight!

Once I can eat vegetables it will be possible to go out to eat with my friends but it's just today that's going to be difficult :(