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Have I Gone Completely Mad?


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Hahaha, as long as it works for you it doesn't matter! I'd have had to have licked it too though x


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OMG -I wouldnt have been able to just sniff it - Id have devoured it!! (Not dark choc though!) You defo got self restraint! xxx


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Hahaha, as long as it works for you it doesn't matter! I'd have had to have licked it too though x
Was very very tempted to dip it in my coffee and suck the chocolate off - but as my husband was sat right beside me i don't think he would have too impressed with being given the soggy wafer bit to finish off!


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I sniff everything - foodwise anyway lol. The kids yogurts, hubby's chocolate, I work at a pre school and the kids there always ask if I want to smell their food:eek::eek:


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Thought it was just me.. I sniff my food before I eat it.. especially if its offered by someone else.. Odd!!! Oh and I have a little toy bunny that smells of chocolate.
I'm just as bad! my hubbie brought in a loaf of crusty bread today with the shopping. I must have spend five minutes sniffing it out of the bag.mmm lovely! lol


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talking of sniffing - i sniff cups/glasses before i pour a drink into them and i also sniff saucepans before i use them! lol
in my mind if they smell ok then they're clean! if they smell odd then i wash them before i use them!


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If one of my family is eating something yummy and naughty I sniff it! I sniffed my son's chinese takeaway last night. I also ask everyone at work what they had for lunch/dinner. If I can't have it I can at least imagine having it :)


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If I catch a waft of something yummy I would have to have a taste of it! That really is restraint! I love the dark chocolate KitKats and if I have one of those it cures my chocolate craving
No quite smelling food. But when I've filled the car with diesel I try and get some on my hands so that I can smell them on my way home...odd I know but I just love the smell!!!


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i like to sit with menus in restaurants and imagine what everything tastes like. if ive had a few drinks i will also mimic eating it and the bf thinks im crazy lol


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ROFL :rotflmao::rotflmao:

I think you're all mad LOL.

One of my 9 year olds has sniffed his food and ANYTHING somebody gaves him since he was a baby. We used to say he was like a gorilla because they do that :D


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It was really bad on Saturday, Me hubs and kids went to the local market where they were selling fresh donuts...Oooh the smell:p I had to get away from there so fast!:cry:

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