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Have I Messed Up Already?


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First day on the diet and all has gone well. Started with a hazelnut shake, had a chocolate truffa bar which was sooooo nice and had 2 chocolate wafers this evening. But just had a thought, are you allowed bars and wafers in the same day? And was i suposed to eat both wafers in the pack coz i've just read somewhere something about halving 1?? I'm confused lol. I hope i haven't messed up my first day.

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In all honesty I don't know about bars and wafers but women are only meant to have a maximum of 1 and a half wafers in a day. Don't worry though, it is only your first day, better now when you aren't yet in ketosis than when you are and it potentially knocking you out.


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You should be ok but dont do it on a regular basis, your wafer is replacement for a bar, I have also seen something about 1.5 wafers per day but I also recall something about the 2 wafers being ok as long as they are split over the course of the day?

Either way its day one and you have still stuck to the diet even if not 100% correct so do not worry there will be no ill effects to what you have done hun so keep with it! Good Luck!

I have to go through the first 4 days again staring Monday! Sooo not looking forward to it :( first 4 days hardest so keep your chin up!! xx


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New to this diet too but if you think either way your calorie intake is a fraction of what it has been before you will be loosing.... Best of luck....i start tomorrow!


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aw thanx everyone. New day again tomorrow. The wafers were just a free sample anyway so i might stay clear of them in future lol. They were nice though, mmmmmm.

Good luck to everyone starting this week and Happy New Year x


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The wafers have 13g of carbs for 2 which is about the same as a shake so you won't have done any harm in terms of getting into ketosis. The wafers are 195 calories for 2 wafers though which is a bit higher than the shakes etc. which is probably why 1 and a half is suggested, however some people have 4 packs and still do fine, and an extra 50 calories is nothing in the great scheme of things.