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Have lost my mojo for this diet.... How can I find it again??

Not having a great week this week. My weigh in later and I know I haven't lost much.
Ever since week 3 when I was nibbling I can't seem to stop, and I feel ever worse for doing so.
AAM week was a nightmare. I found it hard to resist going over the amounts allowed and I was disappointed when I only lost a pound.
My self esteem is low at the moment. Have had a few problems at home and thats probably contributing.
Monday is a brand new day. This week we start major renovations in the house with a new kitchen, bathroom, boiler and heating systems being installed.
Hopefully with no kitchen I can keep away from food.

Any suggestions/tips/ideas for getting my mojo back????? I really want to lose this weight.
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Wants to be a yummy mummy
Stop berating yourself for the nibbling!!!!!!!!

One thing I've realised about this diet is we're undoing years of bad habits/thought processes/approaches to food. And those dont get magically undone just because we've started this - they need working on...

So chalk them all up to experience (NOT FAILURE) and take it one hour at a time to start with, then a day..

Also, from bev explaining it to me earlier - there's a fallen angels thread on here somewhere - maybe everyone on there can help motivate you?

You'll get there, you've lost nearly TWO STONE in FIVE WEEKS. You've done really really well!!!!!!!! So be proud of what you've acheived and recognise it!! It's easy to focus on what we "haven't" done because that's all we've done for the months and years in the run up to starting this.. But if you were told you'd be nearly 2 stone down 5 weeks in when you started you'd be really excited about it!!

Go for it, you ~can~ and you ~are~ doing it!!!


Serial Dieter!
Take some time out for yourself (15 minutes daily) and consider what your motivation is for doing Cambridge. Use visualisation to solidify the reasons....
Imagine yourself at your ideal size and shape, imagine stepping on the scales and them reading your ideal weight, take a minute to savour that feeling of getting to goal.
Then take that with you all day.... I also find having a mantra that i repeat aloud (not in company!) that keeps me going when the urge to nibble strikes....
Remember a craving is just that a Craving.... you don't have to act on it!
You are worth 15 minutes daily to take the time to think about WHY you want to lose weight and imagine yourself there.
It might feel stupid, but it does work if you consistently work at it every day!
You have done soooo well as SFB says nearly 2stone in 5weeks!!!! WOW!!

So you are having a slight down week - that's allowed. Draw a line under last week - and start again. You can do it!


Serial Foodie!
u have done fantastic! i understand too well about low self esteem but i have found using paul mckennas "instant confidence" BRILLIANT. SSing-wise...u have worked hard and need to stop beating urself up. think how far u have come and not how far u need to go hun.

why not join us fallen angels. its such a small thing but it really keeps me on the straight and narrow! every day u r 100% good u get a gold star and at the end of the week if u have stayed good u get to keep a spinny star. doesnt sound like much but it really does help u focus! xxxxx

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