Have satrted my Paul Mckenna weight loss journal !!


Minimins gal x
Morning u all, well here i am restarting CD again today for the last time.2 many times i have messed up my metabolism by jumping on and off ssing but enough is enough,i have decided that if i dont sucseed then i will 100% consider wls(gastric bypass) and i have been in touch with a wls sugeon.

Well as i sit here typing away today i restsrt CD at the weight of 27.3.
Being so super morbidly obese has ruined my life emotionally and phyisically and at 38 yrs old i actually feel like i cant carry on no more and i have 2 put a stop 2 it AS OF NOW !!!

I know i am the only one i can blame for allowing myself to become so big and there comes a time in your life where u need to stop wallowing in pity and blaming your weight on things that happened in your past,my past is my past,yes alot happened that was very hard,but it is my future that i need to start concentrating on and draw a line under my past as of today.
My beautiful 14 yr old son Aaron has missed out on sooo much because of my emotional and phyisical state,but from now on i will not let anything get in my way of sucseeding,as deep down i dont want to have wls as i am scared i will die during surgery !!


I know this is going to be a hard and long emotional journey and i actually feel that i am in the right place emotionally to deal and cope with life without turning to food to console me.

December 31st 06 is going 2 be a turning point in my life where i am going to look back over the last 6 months and i am going to be proud of myself no matter what and look forward to 2007 being a healthy and productive year for me and my beautiful son.

Well girs n boys sorry this was a drawn out post(diary page) but up 2 nows i have been very good at keeping my emotions all bottled up, which does me no good.
Got 2 go and have my tetra.All i do know at the moment is that i am willing to give CD 110% for the first time and i actually feel that i am going to sucseed, i know there might be times when i fall down but as long as i get right back on immediately then i know i am giving it my all !!!

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Well done Roch for restarting... you really seem focussed so i'm rooting for ya girl!! it is hard but so well worth it when you start achieving your goals!!

be nice to yourself and you will get there

sending ya big hugs and loads of supportive vibes!

good luck girl

Gen xx
Roch !! :)

Just remember how much you want this! You want it more than you want food, remember that everytime you think of sabotaging yourself.

Put the date on the calendar and let nothing and nobody stand in your way (including yourself!)

You deserve to be slimmer and healthier, just be tough for this first week or two and then start enjoying the bonkers diet.


Hi Roch,

Wishing you loads of good luck at starting CD again - I know how hard it is - I'm finally nearing the end of my VLCD journey and looking at starting maintenance by the end of the summer but I can well remember how desperate I felt last September and how I never thought I could change anything and would be super morbidly obese for ever!

You CAN do this - just keep drinking the water, keep thinking of your lovely boy and stay on here reading and posting loads!


Lots of love,
Hi Roch, Good to hear from you again, you are so going to do this this time, I wish you the very very best on your first few days and look forward to seeing how you are doing, I am half way through day 3 and have lost 3lbs, I have now hidden the scales so next weigh in is friday night. You can do this.
Mike,u always give such good advice !! When i went to see my cdc last week your pic and newspaper article is plastered on a board to remind us we can all do this .

Hi AKB well done to getting to the end of your journey and approaching maintenance.If u dont mind me asking how much weight did u lose, chat soon and thanks xx

Thanks gen,need lots of support,have restarted so many times and it gets harder each time,how r u doing are you ssing or on maintanace.

Canireallydothis, well done girl on getting to day 3.I used to weigh myself day after day and got so obsessed with pounds, and that eventually threw me off track when i got to day 15,so from now on i only get weighed on cdc scales, have a good day .

Well u all am doing ok,have had quite a stressfull day but have not even thought about food,not sure why.
Want today 2 end and by wednesday will def be in ketosis fully so roll on ketosis.
Chat later and thanks to all of u xx
Hi Roch

you sound completely determined, which is the only way you are going to do it. You can do this, you so want this to be the last time. I believe it is. Look how fast the last 6 months have flown and think where you are going to be in 6 months time; slimmer, healthier, happier and looking forward to doing all the things you can't at the moment. You go girl, we are all behind you!!!!

YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!! I know you can girl. I am watching and so looking forward to hearing you are in ketosis and then the first weeks loss. I'm looking to YOU for inspiration, motivation and a full monty kick ass so now you know!!!:p

Hey everyone,just a quickie today as i am feeling really rough,managed to get through yesterday fine but today took my son out to have some jabs as he is travelling to kenya to do voluntary work over the summer,dropped him off then started to feel ill,my heart was racing and my legs buckled lucky this happened at home,took me 5 mins to get off the floor.
Decided i was still feeling rough so phoned my gp and they said i need to go to A&E so i went to the walk in clinic and had some tests and an ECG they said all was ok, they think it was due to the heat and my heart having to work so hard because of my weight and also my blood sugar dropped below normal,and i just need to take it easy today and i should drink plenty.
So have decided to restart ssing 2morrow,my heart has stopped racing but feel a bit wobbly.
Am a bit dissapointed with myself but what can i expect when i am so overweight, its my own fault,it makes me realise even more that i have to lose the weight as today was a real scare for me.
Hope u r all having a good day,will be back on trackm 2morrow 4 sure, did ask them if it was anything to do with me starting ssing and they said NO, so thats good.
Take care xx
Awww honey!

Sorry to hear that you were not well! :( This heat gets to all of us!

Lots of luck with the fresh start tomorrow! :D
Roch said:
Thanks Tulip,am feeling bit better now, just tested my sugar and it has gone to normal reading so not eating carbs to day and def back on 2morrow,full steam ahead, but making sure i glug,glug and glug water lol, have a good day xx

And you too honey!

You CAN do it! :D
Just realised that you are from Enfield...not far from where I used to live!

I lived in Chingford for 3 years! A lovely place in the world to come from! Been to Enfield a few times!

( Sorry to invade your thread! ) :eek:
Hi Roch,

It is the first time I have met you and just wanted to let you know that I am following you all the way :D

All you can do is your best so keep going and ticking off the days one at a time and watching that weight drop off. :)

I don't quite know how to word this without sounding either patronising or defeatist but if you have bad days then do your best and remember that doing something is infinitely better than doing nothing.

The reason I say this (and I hope that I don't offend) is that I am an all or nothing girl but I know that when I fall off the wagon in the future I can't have that all or nothing approach because it will discount all the good work I have been doing so far.

I know I will have to think about just what I would have been doing to myself if I hadn't been on the wagon for the times I had been.

I really look forward to reading your updates and positive vibes are winging themselves your way from the south coast :D
Hi Roch,

I've sending you some positive vibes too.

I haven't had the best of days either - i'm hot, miserable and have a headache to die for, but it is nearly the end of day 3 and i'm clinging on - i just hope i get a good result at my weigh in which will spur me on.

Hope you feel better soon!! Get your head down, grit your teeth and you'll be in ketosis before you know it.

Shazzie xx
Hi Roch
Hope you don't mind me butting in but just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world and I will be routing for you and watching with much interest how you are getting on.