Have satrted my Paul Mckenna weight loss journal !!

Hi Roch!
You asked how to be kind to yourself when you feel so down - think about this. Think of someone you know who may be overweight. Now picture inviting them for a coffee. Now imagine turning to them and telling them how unworthy they are, how they deserve to be overweight and miserable, how awful a person they must be because they obviously can't control what they eat. Tell them they do not desrve to be happy.

Could you really imagine doing this???? Of course not, yet you are saying these things to yourself every day. WHY???? It is time to be nice to yourself. Give yourself the kind of talk you WOULD give to someone who is in your position.

Hope this helps.
Sending you Love

Hi Roch

Just wanted to say hello and I'll be thinking of you! Had a rubbish day myself. Just started my second week of management and had a major day long binge! Feel so stupid by putting all my hard work in jeopardy but a chat with my LLC stopped me beating myself up and I got to the bottom of what was going on in my head. Good days and bad days don't exist - just each day brings what it will. Please follow the advise already given and please be kind to yourself. If you feel like a lapse come on here and read these messages of well wishes to you! You can do this, you have already worked out your reasons - your health and your son. Just focus on those!

Good luck!
Well as i sit here tonight typing away i have had alot of time to give myself a serious friggin kick up the arse !!
Enough is enough(although i have said this many a time) but this time i am sooooo serious,i have had enough and cant cope like this no more.

Today on the 29.07.06 at 22.18 pm i Rochelle Moss do pledge to sole source for the next 100 days.
If for any reason i stumble then i do promise to get right back on immediately and not sabotage the rest of the day/week/month/year(as i have done on many occasion)
This time i will sucseed,i know it is not going to be an easy ride but i will do it !!!!

When i think about the many times i have started CD then fallen off and not got back on and have struggled so many times to restart and have given myself so many reasons why i cant SS, granted a couple of them were valid medical reasons but the rest of them and there were many were just pure gluttony and i could not cope with my every day problems without my best friend and enemy "FOOD".
Well today i will say "ADIOS" to my best friend and enemy and try my very best to sort out my life and learn to cope with ,my problems without food.
There are quite a few people i know who believe i wont lose weight for what ever reason or i am not taking my health seriously, and all i can say to them is "WATCH THIS SPACE":p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

So thanks to u all for taking the time to give me positive vibes it really helped me.
Am off for an early night, so will post tomorrow, take care, sleep well, and thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
You go girl!!!!

We're all here for you if the going gets tough!

Catch you tomorrow to hear about how it goes for you. Just be kind to yourself - like the hair care people say 'you're worth it!'

nite nite all
Hiya roch :D
You've had some great advice already - just wanted to add something that may help you, which did help me for a while! and that is to 'stop fighting abstinenance'... try to get out of your head that you cant have food, because you know when we are told we cant have something we want it even more!! tell yourself that you are choosing not to eat anything other than cambridge stuff.... allow yourself to have as many cd packs as you want today and then gradually cut them down as the days progress.. just dont eat any conventional food - or should I say "you can if you want to but at this time you are choosing not to!!"

Also break down the whole amount you want to loose into manageable chunks..... because when you have a lot to loose it can be too daunting....

I know you struggle with the packs somethimes, think of them as your 'magic medicine', these are gonna get you to where you want to be....

Trust in the programme, it works, have your packs and water and watch the weight come off, and stop fighting it - relax and enjoy your journey.....

huge postive vibes coming your way, as lighterlife says 'only you alone can do it, but you can't do it alone!' we're all here to support you girl... jump on that wagon and hold on tight. It may be a bumpy road but you'll get to your destination, with loads of us here for company and your cd packs - what more can a girl ask for lol :D

Go Roch :p
Great advice there, Geri!
I got through 130 days of SSing with this mindset - that all I was allowed was water and the 3 packs a day were a bonus - so I really enjoyed them, looked forward to them and savoured every mouthful (very Paul McKenna!).

Morning Roch,

Some very good advice here...

I think so many of us at one time or another felt just like you and then something clicked!

If we could bottle what it is that makes it come together, we would make a fortune selling it.

Sometimes trying too hard can leave no room to think...

When I was struggling for years to stop smoking it seemed at the time like a never ending circle of stopping for a day here or a week there and sometimes even a month at a time...

One day when I was at my lowest, my husband said to count up all the days I did manage to stay away from smoking...it worked out something like four months in every year.

I said to him now what the feck does that prove, only that no matter how I try I don't seem able to keep away and when I would go back smoking I would smoke twice as much.

With words of wisdom he said well, they were the days you did have 'it'...and you had three to four months in a year and over the last couple of years they all add up to a lot of time abstaining and giving your body a rest.

Some people never even get that far he said...you have.

He told me to keep on trying and one day I would get it and to never give up that he was behind me all the way...

I went back smoking again and again and eventually that one day did come eight and half years ago...

That something did click in and 'it' has stayed as regards the smoking...

Then one day I was crying cos' I was so fat I could not fit into my clothes and everything I put on did not hide the fact that I was huge and I looked like the Micheline Man, but at least he had some shape!

Husband said, well you did it with smoking and you will do it with the weight and God love him he thought he was making me feel better, but he wasn't...I said right back to him...with smoking I could live without and never touch it again and that was the end of that, but with food it is another story.

He said, well just try and use the same thinking that each day I managed the diet that was a day not over eating...I did, even joined WW and followed it to the letter and the weight came off so slowly it was painful and on the first holiday I broke and came home to face the lot back on again.

I can't describe the feeling of failure that I felt...Instead of doing something about it, I caved in and thought I might as well be hung for a sheep instead of a lamb and I used this as an excuse to go on a festival of food...

The result was :eek: I could put on weight at nearly three times I could lose it and I just thought if I were a pig, I would be a prize one as my genetic off spring would feed the world.

The shock of standing on the scales and nearly weighing 18 stone for the size of me at 5' 4" sent me into depression and nearly starving myself to lose ten pounds...I felt lost.

My weight over whelmed me and I was lost and by the Grace of God my friend had Lipotrim sitting on her kitchen table, she was thinking of doing the diet. I had remembered that I had done CD nearly twenty years ago and had been very successful on it, but had not seen it around in years.

It sat on my friends kitchen for about a week...I told her it only works if you drink it and follow the plan...

My friend left her supply of Lipotrim back as she could not even get past the first packet as it made her gag.

The following week I bought Women's Own and there was a story about a girl who had done Lighter Light who had lost nine stone and the transformation in the her was awesome and she did it in six months!

She inspired me so much I decided to give Lipotrim a go as I knew it was similar.

The first week I lost ten pounds and the rest is history...I lost five stone and since the new year I lost another stone and half which came off very slow and then out of frustration I let the chatterbox get the better of me and I broke my diet.

Since April I have regained a stone and half and I have played football with one stone on and off...

But my husband keeps reminding me to keep going that I have not regained the five stone and like stopping smoking I will get to goal one day.

I have my good days and bad days and since I started using the replacement meals with food it seems to be going well for me and I have accepted the slow weight loss as now I feel anything is Better than gaining...

There are days when I would love to wake up slim and I can beat myself up...always a warning sign as this is what I would of used as an excuse to go for the chocolate.

For me watching and being aware what I eat has to be a way of life for me as I know what will happen and there is no escape other than being vigilant with my diet.

My auntie is a vivid reminder what lies in store for me if I don't work at getting this excess weight off and with her encouragement and everyone else's around me I feel I will eventually make it to slim ville.

Your not alone in your struggle and with support and being gentle with yourself you will get there.

Love Mini xxx
Good luck today Roch

I will be thinking of you and sending you positive vibes!

Every time you want to eat, and there will be many times I'm sure, do something else instead. I always make myself drink another glass of water, it makes me hesitate and therefore THINK before I mindlessly pop a small something in my mouth. My friend brushes her teeth and then doesn't fancy eating anyhow!

Remember, it is not an easy journey that you are embarking on but it is very rewarding and totally life changing. Ride out the rough ride, it'll be worth it.

Roch I am so pleased for you. I don't what what to say and I can't even get half way close to saying what I want to ;)

So I'll just shut up and sign off :D
Afternoon ladies,i dont know what to say 2 u all,and i have tears in my eyes so am going to make this short and sweet as feeling bit emotional !!!


As i sit here now halfway through my first day, i feel different,i think it is becuase i got to my lowest point in my life and the only way was up for me and when i wrote that pledge last night i decided from then onwards only CD products are going to pass through me, and for some funny reason when i woke up this morning i felt so different,positive,strong and happy.
Just thought of something was thinking when i was 12 yrs old and i weighed 12 stone and wore a size 16 dress,i want to get back to wear that size 16 for my 39th birthday which is april next year and ill tell u something it may be a hell of a long way away,but i will fit into a size 16 pair of tight jeans for my 39th birthday no matter what and that is a promise to myself and i intend to make sure that i dont let myself down !!!
Again thanks 2 all of u, will come and post later on today and let u know how i am doing and see how u all are, thanks and have a nice day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Good on you Roch. I can tell you why you feel different, it is because you have stopped wondering when? how? and decided NOW! You are going to do this, fantastic! I think that 39th birthday is a good picture to have in your mind. I have Christmas staff Party in my mind. I own 3 nursery schools and employ about 38 under 25's. Every year when we go out for our Xmas do I suffer the agonies of finding an outfit that looks good/trendy/partyish in a size 22/24. In the photos I am always the large older one trying to hide but unable to. This year I am going to look seriously good! You and me Roch, we've got our heads round it, now all it needs is a bit of time.

Loads of luck to you, love
roch, you can do this, you have the determination, its my first time on CD and im on day 9, cant believe its day 9 already!!! Please believe in yourself and relax too, the decision to go on ss is not an easy one and now its time to relax and enjoy the packs. Im gonna be waiting with excitment for your posts, know you can do this. We all can.
I have high regard for you, its not easy admitting that enough is enough and you have done that. You are very brave and from your posts now very determined.
I wish you all the luck in the world hun.
You can do it.
Hi canireallydothis well done for getting to day 9, u go girl carry on with the good work,what day did u get into ketosis.

Well everyone im off now going to have an early night day one is finished for me am hungry but coping.
Was chatting to mrs tweedy and that lady is a serious inspiration to me to loose 10 stone in 6 months is amazing and hearing her success hopefully is going to motivate.
So off to bed i go, chat 2 u tomorrow.
Hey Roch, how are you doing today? You are very quiet! Hope it's going well