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Have you found that!!!!


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Since starting CD that so many people see you and praise you for looking so good and then ask you what you are doing .. then if they are slim ask you if they could do it as they have only a stone to lose or if they are bigger.. Ask you all about it.. start it because they have seen you do well!! you hear from them at first then all goes quiet and then you find that they started it and cant do it!!! and have given up!!! Hmmm I think doing the cd is a hard diet and you have to really really want to do it!!!

I have also had random emails from people that have not spoken to in a while on facebook asking me what I am doing and how you find out about it..

Sorry a bit of a ramble but just something I seem to experience at the moment with so many people..
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wants a pony
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Yes, I have had this happen! I have also a friend who once did very well on CD and it was her weight loss that inspired me to start it but she has totally gone off the idea of CD and just badmouths it and says im going to put the weight back on again. Gee thanks!
Good morning curlywurly, I know what you mean!! I have found most people knock it, I've only got to sneeze or have a general off day or a headache and it's always the diet.. my colleague asks me on a tuesday how I got on at my Monday night weigh.. everyweek the other one sigh's and says oh I really need to loose weight, I am desperate! I have talked it through with her, been honest about it and encouraged her, offerred to take her to my cdc and told her about mini's .. this is usually followed by oh perhaps next week.. I've given up now, your right you really need to want to do it.. :)
I think this is a really hard diet, not hard because of not eating, the Ketosis takes care of that urge, but for me it's hard because I am facing up to my problems.
I think us girls are used to dieting, feel we are expected to diet, but mean while want the magic wand treatment i spoke about elsewhere.
I have had the "You'll put it back on remarks" but from people who don't know how cambridge works...
I don't care who else comments about my journey, if they start and are up for some mutual support, then fair enough, but other than that, they have to do their own journey.
You are doing fab Curly!


Stubborn tortoise
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I have a few friends who are overweight, I was sure they'd be queuing up to do CD when they saw how it worked for me, but no... as Sarah says, just excuses really... I don't get it as I feel so evangelical about it but obviously, people need to be in the right head space to do it.

One 'friend' had big probs as my weight losses started to show. She began telling me I had to stop now, my face would drop, then decided that I was at rishk of osteoporosis and my 'bones would just snap'. She started badmouthing me to friends behind my back and saying I had gone too far - all this while I was still way, way off having a healthy weight or BMI. ("BMIs are all rubbish, take no notice!") In the end she couldn't actually look at me when we met and never mentioned the weight except to say "are you still doing this silly diet?". ?????!!!!!!

My other 'big' pals are supportive and lovely, as are the slimmer ones... and most support of all comes from my lovely best mate, now living in France, who lost four stone herself and maintained, and knows how hard it is.

I am baffled, though, how none of the people who used to go on about being desperate to lose weight have actually signed up... excuse the pun, but what have they got to lose?



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i think with cd you usually have to reach breaking point. yes, it's wonderful for losing weight. yes it's fast. but it is bloody hard. and most people would try everything else first.

cd is what happens when you reach crunch time. when you want to break down and cry.

there aren't an awful lot of people doing cd to lose one stone unless they have a short-term target, it's usually more than that. and you are right. the reasons that we overeat have to be faced head on.

most people i know wouldn't even dream of doing cd, but then they aren't desperate enough yet. don't get me wrong. i think cd is an incredibly worthy weight loss programme. i think it's fabulous, but it's there to help people that desperately need it, not those that could lose all their excess weight in a few weeks with sw...

abz xx


Stubborn tortoise
S: 14st11lb C: 14st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st2lb(0.97%)
You're right, Abz. I was rock-bottom too... I know. I think I am so keen on CD because it has turned my whole life around... or given me the space to face some of my issues, anyway. And to be honest I don't go on about it, although if anyone asks I would say it is a great diet... I guess not for everyone though. You have to come to it on your own, for your own reasons... that's very true.



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i tell people that it's hard, but it's well worth it. if people go into it thinking it will be easy then they won't get to the end of it. i don't put people off, but i think they need to be aware that although it's fast, effort is required :D best effort you'll ever use though :D

i don't tell the people at work that i'm doing it... some of the women know but i work in IT and am surrounded by chaps and i don't think they'd get it. think i'm going to have to go out for my lunch an awful lot for the next couple of months!!

abz xx


Laugh, love, live!
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I have a friend who did the CD and lost loads of weight but she then stopped doing it and didn't follow the steps to slowly introduce food again and consequently piled it all back on again and more. To be honest, because she did so well on CD initially, I decided to give it a bash. She is now constantly bad mouthing CD and telling me to be careful as I will pile anything I lose all back on again but I WONT, I know I just WONT because this is not what I want to be for the rest of my life. I think she may be frightened of my success compared to her failure.xx


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I'll be brutally honest. A few freinds of mines did LL, and one girl I worked with did CD. I didn't know it was CD it was just "that milkshake diet"

I didn't know the girl doing CD rather well, and I admit it did say the following to other people

"The minute she eats she'll put it all back on. Not eating? AT all? Thats not healthy. Its a fad diet. Its not sensible. She'll eat into her lean muscle and DIE!". Its not because I was a b!tch, its just because I did honestly think that way of losing weight was unhealthy.

Then I read a bit more about it and thought - actually hold on, it can't be that unhealthy compared to my 15st 6. I'll try it for a month. I'm only going to get fatter anyway. Looked at LL and balked at the £70 a week. Found CD. Then I learned the hard way how much of a pain in @rse "wellwishers" like me actually are.

I think its because its so drummed into us that sensible weight loss is 1-2lb a week, eliminating whole food groups are unhealthy. Low carb is bad. Starving yourself with no food is bad. etc and its very hard to reconcile that with CD/LL/Lipotrim.

Now though I sing CD from the rooftops. I think once your headspace is right its brilliant.
You know you girls do speak a lot of sense.
I was desperate too, felt like everything was spiralling out of control and I was verys eriosuly considering how to raise enough money for either a gastric band or gastric bypass.
The thing is many of us have been overweight for years, and the emotional baggage that being obese for that amount of time brings is substantial. Like you all say, you have to not just want to lose this weight but really really want to lose it...
For me, I have never felt liek a fat person inside <not even sure what that means> But i have always felt like I should be slim, and that the real me was somehow trapped inside this body.
The thing is sometimes it's easy to say, look I tried, but failed... see I have dieted and am still fat therefore it's not really my problem... Our subconscious can be clever at making us believe the very unbelievable..
The diet industry spends millions on making us believe we should be losing 1-2 lb a week in a certain way... thing is as we know they change their minds about the right way every few years.
Being obese, is awful we all know it! Living in Wales I was shocked at the stats for Wales for obesity, and yet help is not that available. I went to a dietician and the information she gave me was at best outdated and worse was down right wrong.
So we can only fight our own battle, I have explained the diet to a friend, she is doing SW, and has lost 7lb in 5 weeks. She is not interested as "she couldn't possibly, do a diet like this!" Thing is like you have all said, she is not ready, not desperate enough. I just say to her,.... look if it takes me 6 months to lose my weight that is just 6 months out of the rest of my life and I would rather have 6 months of hard work than the next 30yrs of my life working hard just to walk upstairs or run after my kids.
Lets just do it! We and everyone who has lost and maintained can show the world that it really is an answer, if the work is put in.

<jumps off soap box...... again.....>

The thing is with any diet if you go back to your old ways then the weight piles back on. CD is a hard diet to follow but then it gives quick rewards and it is lot easier to stick to once the weight starts coming off in good amounts. I don't have the patience to do the WW, SW or calorie counting as the weight loss takes for ever and its too easy to cheat as you don't of need to maintain ketosis.
The one thing that really annoys me it when people say
"just eat healthily and exercise, fad diets are no good". Those words are guaranted to send me into a small rage. The sort of people who say this have never been seriously overweight in their life. They may want to lose half a stone or so but they really do not have a clue about what makes a dieter tick. Do they think that overweight people think you should eat junk and be a couch potato, of course we don't, we know what to do.:)


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the fact of the matter is only around 5% of us will learn to maintain this time around. or at least i'm pretty sure that's the right number. this is mainly because people don't move up the plans and do go straight back to bad eating habits. but the same stats apply to most diets i would imagine...

we can do it, we can all do it. and i bet we have a much better chance of achieving our goals because we are all here. so maybe miniminers are the 5% the stats talk about :D

abz xx


Stubborn tortoise
S: 14st11lb C: 14st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st2lb(0.97%)
Is that 5% on CD or on all diets? What a scary stat!!!!

I too was desparate...had enough. I did cd because it gives me a break from food to learn if I can overcome cravings now while on the diet I should be able to know what is a craving or hunger when food is reintroduced.
Also, for me...doing a diet with food just made me obessed about food thats all I thought about!! Nothing learnt.
Not told anyone only my flatmate whose is so motiational...she tells me every few weeks I am disappearing!!
My sister does not agree with it but she not overweight so have not told her.
Cd hard but totally worth it. Just a different journey to a new us x


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I have come to CD out of sheer desperation. I, like Tilly, had been trying to figure out the fastest way to raise money for a gastric band. I even asked my doctor to refer me to a surgeon. So, I had well and truly hit rock bottom. I did a Google search for CD, as I'd heard about it years ago, and I came across this forum. The next thing I knew; I was on a desperate hunt for my local CDC. Now, it's been about 2 weeks since I made that fundamental decision, and I am so eager to start that it is beyond comprehension. I am a total binge eater, I have huge issues with food, and I just want it out of my life for a little while so i can reprogramme my mind, learn to eat like a slim person, learn to recognise when i am hungry and when i am full. For someone who has spent her whole life obsessed with food (whether counting it, weighing it, or just plain ramming it down my throat) it is unbelievably liberating to know that for the next few months I don't need to worry about it. Its amazing really... I'm about to discover who I really am.
This is the journey that I have waited for my whole life.. and I've got a first class ticket back to my life!