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Have you kept your diet secret?


I am in week 3 of CD and had kept the diet fairly low key. I had decided not to tell anyone that wouldn't notice the lack of food.

I decided to tell a few more friends/family today and have been quite shocked by the negative response from some, even though I have a lot to lose is as though its some sort of cheat?!

Is this what others have experienced?
The worst for being negative have all been on and failed at other diets, so not sure whether this is a factor or not.
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I told everyone except my dad! I had a few negative comments at first but now all I get is praise for how much I've lost and how healthy I look :D

I decided to tell everyone from the start cos I thought it would help me stay on track and it has.
To tell, or not to tell!

I wish I had told some earlier, but not others!
I have some family/friends that have been really supportive, but others that have tried to offer me foods, even though they know the principles of the diet.

I have been debating this same thing in my head since I decided to start LL.

My parents were suprised that I wanted to do it, until I revealed the "real me" (up with the shirt, stopped sucking the gut in....) to prove just HOW MUCH I have to lose. They've been supportive which is great! My brother hasn't said anything about it. He's the type who eats what he wants and stays a stickinsect, so I think it's something he doesn't really understand. That said, he'd never be discouraging to me and I'm sure that in 3 months time he'll be proud that his big brother isn't such a Big Brother anymore!

At work I'm not telling anyone. I usually eat in my own office anyway, so only the other guy I work with will notice the lack of food, at which I plan on just saying that I'm having Cuppa Soups for lunch to try and be a bit healthier.

Like many others have said though, after a couple of weeks, when the weight loss is REALLY noticeable, you'll probably want to tell everyone in sight about your achievements.

Of course, those who don't know about the VLCD program, the science behind it etc. will probably think you are on the verge of killing yourself, but at the end of the day, we all know that it's far healthier to be doing the program and lose the weight than to be eating Pies and Chips and carrying around the equivalent of a small child's worth of weight in your stomach all day every day.

If people are offering you food, it's most likely that they are scared you are being malnourished. If this happens to me, I plan on the whole "Blind them with Science" approach, and explain exactly what the whole Ketosis is, why it works etc.

If they still insits, give them a kick in the arse and tell them to eat their own damn food and mind their own damn business! :cool:
I've only told a couple of people. I know someone who recently lost 4st with LL & looks sensational. Although the response of others was positive, I have so say that there were a few whispers about crash diets/unhealthy/she'll put it all back on etc & folk are now saying she's too thin (she's not.)

I just don't feel stong enough in myself yet to deal with that & to be honest I don't think it's anyone else's business.

It's not an easy thing to do and I'm doing it for me, not to be gossip-fodder for other people. (I'll be happy if they start gossiping about how slim I look though ......!)
i told my dad and naturally the ppl i live with know and my dad told my mum but im just not thinking the 'im on a diet' thing, im just being good for a change and its not a big deal but then again if i make a big deal out of it and go on about each time i lose weight i will fail and get carried away and feel like now i have told everyone then i have to lose the weight, i know this feeling is the trigger for my eating disorders.


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I finally told my Dad and Sister on saturday, after they stopped asking me to turn around. They where shocked i had lost so much weight, i personally don't see it, but meh a compliment is always good! lol.

I haven't hidden the fact i am on the diet, and have to grind my teeth when people forget and offer me a crisp or a toffee, but if people have something bad to say, they can talk away usually, i am usually off in a day dream buying a full Gucci suit for my new amazing job when i finish Uni.
It's always hard to see the loss on yourself, I think.
When I first started my job about 18 months ago, I walked to and from work every day (about 5 miles each way, so 10 a day), during which I think I lost almost a stone - it was enough for me to be able to find 1 shirt in Topman and buy it (I mentioned that on another post just now I think!)

But, I didn't see myself as being any different.
Even when I saw one of my uncles for the first time in about 8 months and he said ""Jeez, you've dropped some weigh eh boy!"

But the reality is, the scales don't lie.
If you lost 10lbs, you're 10lbs lighter, even if you don't see it right now.

I guarantee, when you start hitting the 1 stone and beyond mark, you'll notice, 'cos your clothes will suddenly feel like they are fitting your properly!
I didn't tell anyone bar my family until people started noticing the weight loss and asking how I did it - and knowing how some people can be negative about VLCD, I just said "by being really good and disciplined and no alcohol" and left it at that.......reaction has been all positive but not sure it would have been if they knew it was a VLCD, as there are a lot of misconceptions out there............me included, until I knew what it was about.
I tell everyone because I want it to help me stay on track. Everyone has been so supportive. Well I can say most have been supportive, others just keep saying they know they couldn't do it. Everyone keeps telling me they are proud and inspired by my loss and they encourage me to keep going.
I didnt tell anyone the first week because i was kinda scared i would not get through the first week.

But most of my friends and family know now.
And if i were to get negative comment's i just ignore them.

I think this is a wonderful diet:D
Some family know, but if my oh aunt found out i would be in for a religeou bloody ear bashing.
I had to eat though while ashe there - even worse had she turned up announouced!
everyone im close to knows but i had a comment from someone i never thought would say anything and the first thing i thought was it was jelousy. she isnt big or that but she was looking at all the inspirational photos on here and mentioned that she now felt fat!... would die for her figure lol. but aye anyhoo i think from now on if anyone even mentions it or says anything bad im going to put it down to jelousy x ( what a hard word to spell lol )


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hi mooeee, i didn't set out to tell anyone but it seems to have happened along the way, firstly just hubby & kids then, close family and 1 person at work, pretty much avoided going on nights out, lunches etc but as soon as people started noticing i let people know if they were interested and up until last week i've had nothing but good feedback and positive support, i am now 1 st away from target and attitudes seem to have changed all of a sudden especially with work people, it's like they don't want me to be successfull to the end, comments like "you've lost enough now" "you'll start to look ill if lose anymore" "don't carry on much longer" etc etc, wtf!! They were happy to see me lose 'some' weight, but for me to be slim!! seems they are not comfortable with that. I just smile and ignore them though!!
i have only told very few people. i think its cos i am embarrassed that i need to lose 2-3 stone and that i got so big i had to something this drastic. i am quite a private person anyway, but can just imagine what people would say.

i myself used to think it was a fad diet until i relaised that the fit squad section of the online sun newspaper used CD for every person they helped (even though its in the small print at the bottom of the articles) and i realised that if nutritionists are using it can't be that bad,

i don't think i will ever tell other people as i am not really ready to justify this to anyone.


nearly there!! :)
i tried both lt and cd and when i did these i only told a handful of people but not people that i could avoid aka my parents and i didnt succeed on either.

i started ll 8 weeks ago and before i started i told EVERYONE. anyone who asked i told!! most were just like oh ur mad i couldnt stick to it. at first my parents (im 19) were very apprenhsive about it but after my mam read up on it she softened a bit and i think deep down they possible thought i wouldnt stick anyways!!
my bf was VERY against me doing it, untill i explained to him how bad i was feeling!! i then asked him to just TRY and support me for ONE week!! the first week, when its hardest and im still craving food!! i just wanted some one to give me a little push and if i sad i was hungry hed say make ur shake...not sure eat something.
he supported me that first week and now is my rock through this!! have to say i do find it easy enough any ways but he doesnt even mess when i say im hungry for my shake he just tells me ta run in and make it!!
he constantly tells me how proud of me he is and how i look really good!!

no matter whos negative towards this diet to me i just think one of the most important people to me is supporting me and thats all that matters!! ive proved to not only me but him that i CAN do this!!

basically im trying to say as long as u have someone who is close to u supporting u i think u can make it through!! anyone who disagrees doesnt no enough bout the diet, or just are people who couldnt do this, its not for everyone!!

anyone who is negative towards u just tell them this is a decision u have made for u that it was def not made lightly and ur not finding it the easiest at times so could they just stop with the negativity...in a nice way of course haha
My family all know and so do most people at work as I make my shakes/soups in the kitchen at work. There's just one person I haven't told, a friend that lives 160 miles away from me. I'm saving it for a surprise next time we get together.
My family are very supportive as both my parents lost a considerable amount of weight with LL but some friends and colleagues were a bit sceptical at first. Now they can't stop congratulating me and are always asking how I'm doing, I find it helps me to stick to it.
I really don't care who knows but when i was younger it would have really embarrassed me for anyone to think i was on a diet let alone one like CD. xx


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Everyone knows about me,because I cannot lie!!I have had to sit through lecture upon lecture from different people,I dont even hear it now,I used to try and justify it now I dont bother.My dad phoned me this morning to ask me if my feeling ill(a Cold) is due to the diet!This is because I went to a party sat night and because everyone was like 'oh my god how much weight have you lost,'and he thought the same yet he only saw me three weeks ago the usual assumption was it cant be good for you!On the other hand my mum (they are divorced)I saw yesterday has had a complete turn around everyone sat at the table and ate I sat with the kids and cut up the food,and not once did I get'go on have something a little wont hurt'I think if they see you are determined they eventually let you get on with it.If I had the chance again I dont think I would have told everyone!!
I find that if I have to tell anyone then I will but not too keen to volunteer the info, just dont want all the negativities. Couple of people at work know, kinda had to tell them as they wonder what I'm shaking at lunchtime! One of them (male) is very supportive as he has a mate who's done it with fantastic results, other colleague (female - very overweight herself) looks down her nose at me every time its mentioned and has never once told me I'm doing well or encouraged me in any way. Says its unhealthy and ridiculously expensive to which I reply - how healthy do you think your crisps are (that you're shovelling in your face at top speed - enough to put me off food for life!!!) and how much money do you spend on food each week, cos I bet its a helluva lot more than I spend on CD!!!

I think you'll always get negativity from some people but I generally feel a lot of it is down other people's jealousy over the way your transforming, which to me is even more enocuraging!

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