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Having 2 B box and 2 A box


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You should eat 2 Bs and chose whether to eat 1 or 2 As, cutting them out could be detrimental to your health as they are HEALTHY EXTRAS to ensure you have a balanced diet.

Having them won't decrease your rate of losing. The plan has worked for 40 years, this is how it works. :)


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I always have the 2 HEA and 2 HEB choices if possible when doing Red days - sometimes i only manage one A choice....but it doesnt affect my losses.

Thanks both of you, just thought I'd ask as it says have 2 B and choose either 1 A or 2. I usually only have the one A, Milk but am having feta cheese as a second today :)


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I always have 2 Bs and nearly always have 2 As. They wouldn't tell you to have them if they weren't needed. Besides - I LOVE my bread, cheese, milk etc. I hadn't eaten any As yesterday so I had a hot chocolate made with warm mil - yummy!
Thanks hel10683, I have fully enjoyed both my A and B boxes today, although I am now thinking I will want a fibre plus bar later with a cuppa :-( oh well, will save a B for tomorrow night.

Well done to you all with your weight losses and Shrimpy for maintaining :) :) :)
Ok, final question do you have to have the extra ryvita or whatever for example - 28g kellogs bran flakes and 1 ryvita

If i just have the branflakes and not the ryvita will it make a difference?
Thanks I did start another one asking if the weetabix minis honey variety are a hxb? They say "new" on the box so wanted to check before I eat them

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