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having a bad day...

totally no diet related but...

some little f*****r vandalised my car last night, enough damage for me to pay the full 250XS...

tried to kick the window in and failed but left 5 ish scratches on the passenger window and then thought that wasnt enough so booted my wing mirror, he also did the neighbours 2 cars..

found out about 8.30 this morning and im so angry, i didnt sleep last night because im ill and had a temp, so had been awake ish since 3am, he did this about 6am, i didnt hear a thing!!

veery nearly went to the choccy eggs....but restrained myself! lol
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Alway see the love x
The little Feckers!!!!!!!!! Sorry to hear ur crap news, hunni....


Hope 2m you wake feeling better...
Woofy X
hi all thanks for the kind words,

the sleeping last night had me thrown, i normally have no issues sleeping and when ill, i sort of pass out than fall asleep, but after reading the threads in here, maybe its the start of my ketosis!

the bloke who did it lives opposite me, jumped up little teenager by all accounts, was released earlier and although he did 4 cars in total (they were the ones that were reported) dont think the police can link them to him , even though they KNOW it was him...
ive had to be so restrained today because all i want to go and do is speak to his mother, pass the bloody bill then knock his teeth down his neck...but i shant...argh

i lost all apetite after this and have forced myself to eat , (and drink wine to make up the carbs lol)
Ah bless you, i know what it feels like, ive had mine done over 3 times and once the day before i got married!

Hat off to you for not eating eggs.....ive had a nibble and i had a good night sleep and a happy day! Im as weak as a chocolate fireguard!
lmao ~ chocolate fireguard

tbh most of the anger was a supressant for me, but some of it was willpower (i keep telling myself)

its **** isnt it, my neighbours car jeez, well both of them, one a brand new '10 plate SEAT!!! kick a flippin dent in the boot and pretty much knocked the wing mirror clean off...


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That's so awful, well done for your restraint in a)not eating anything carby and b) not knocking his teeth down his throat!

Stay strong xx
Scroat!! some one should kick his balls in.

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