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Ireally wanted to stuff my face with bad food


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Last night was the closest ive come to eating bad foods but with good reason i think. I didnt though and although feel stupid for what i did i feel great for not giving in. Oh and Mum if you join Im sorry but its work!
I was at the hospital when we saw ambulance crews gathering and a man shouting so went to have a look as thought a fight had broken out. When i got there i realised a man was stood on the edge of the hospital roof threatening to jump. The hospital security were winding him up i felt and no one else spoke to him so i did. He wouldnt talk to me so i decided to go up and join him. Yes i know it was silly, windy and flippin cold but i didnt think about it until i was climbing fences on the roof! After a VERY long 45mins i managed to talk him down. Now i didnt expect medals but a thank you from police, other crews, hospital staff or my management would have been nice. I never at any point felt at any risk and stood so i was far enough away for him to not grab me. Im only having a whinge because my boss said "well done but dont do it again", you shouldnt have blah blah blah. Like i said i wasnt looking for praise as i was only doing my job or so i thought but he really upset me. After him coming to see me i wanted to go to the nearest shop and buy chocolate, crisps, cakes, anything really. I just wanted to eat. Im soooooooo glad i didnt. So sorry to go on but needed to share with you all as you know how hard it is to resist sometimes.
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Oh wow, that was a close call on both counts. give yourself a massive pat on the back for caring enough about someone to climb up onto a roof AND of course for resisting the carb-fest, you rock!:talk017:
oh sis, you deserve a medal for every job you do. you rock. ((((((sis)))))
i was never in to chocolate but when i want some (always at the same time each month!) i have to have it. so i have bought myself some atkins chocolate bars to eat when the time comes. not so naughty but still nice!
and i mean a medal for every job, big or small, real or a waste of time. we cant manage without you :grouphugg:cant find any medal icons but there will be one in this box :47:xxx


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Cheers hunnies. I even pulled a bloody muscle climbing over a 5ft metal fence and im only 5ft 4". Lol. Im still in shock i was on a flippin roof. Well i did give in and then got so busy i didnt even get time to have any dinner. Oh well. Im feeling really low today (totm) can you tell?


Alway see the love x
Fancy a GGGGGGGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr??

I`ll hold ya hand untill uv done babes x

Woofy x


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Are you ready? Here goes Gggggggggggggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, thats a bit better. 1 more try aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh.
Thats done the trick. Thanks babe hope i didnt squeeze too tight. xx
OMG!!! as per me post on another thread all i have to dea with is dodgy customers wanting to take me out for a chippy dinner!!

why was it left to you to talk him down babe?
you did what was needed and that DOES make you someone special!

well done for what you did, your the person that REAL people like me read about in the paper and think WOW i couldnt have done that....

your brilliant babe, dont let anyone let you think less. xxxx


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Thank you. I dont know why no one else bothered but i done my job to the beat of my ability and saved him jumping, at least a few bones or worse his life. I just cant get over my boss being so...........oh i cant even think of a polite word to use. Lol
Did you get rid of him? I doubt i'm alone in saying you are NOT to date such slime balls.
Look at me getting all protective!


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What happened to the one you were working on? I'll try to find you one in uniform if you like but they might be worried youd chew them up and spit them out!!!!!!
tell ya....

i work in accident management, car accidents, deal in non fault, so this client, non fault, we gave him a car, he didnt like it cause it was petrol....then the gears broke (this is a 59 plate vehicle!!) so the courtesy car was a corsa...

he was being a right nobber....and me being fab at complaints....calmed him down and well.....

he was all, 'darlin' this and 'darlin' that.....he wanted to hunt me down on FB and told him i dont do FB....he said, thats a shame as you sound HOT!

i could have died, ALL my staff overheard my end of the convo and were peeing their pants...

it wasnt the first random comment of the day....what is it with saturday and random people!!!


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