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Having a Bad Day....


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God I am starving already and it's only 11am. Have had my bowl of Rice Krispies this morning and have had 2 slices of brown toast and all I can think about it what I want for my lunch - am craving fried eggs on toast :)confused:).

Having the shakes - think that I am having "my chemo" days. Had a slightly bad day yesterday....I know that I should be good but the lack of energy is killing me this week. :cry: Thank God I am off the steroids now for a few days.

How are we all this morning? 6 weeks till the holidays....want to be down another 10lbs PLEASE.
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Awww Ladyvegas! I'm feeling your frustration. Sending you hugs and hoping you feel more positive as the day goes on. Chin up sweetheart xxxx :hug99:
Hi ladyvegas and I had exactly the same day on Sunday!Honestly just ate and ate and thought I would never get back on track but if it helps I have ... I am still thinking of food but I just think some days are defo better than others and the goal has to be worth it. The chemo and steroids cant be easy hun but look at you showing no signs of quitting your diet because if them when most would, youre a fantastic member on here and very supportive so let us cheer you on too cos you can do it , we all can and will one day get our goal. xx
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Sorry to hear you are not feeling good today - sending you big hugs too :hug99:
I don't know if this helps but my leader gave me a great tip last night - she said to find out if it is 'real' hunger or just craving you should ask yourself if you are hungry enough to eat an apple - if you are, eat the apple first then see how you feel - if you are not hungry enough to eat the apple then it is not real hunger.
Why not have poached eggs on toast for lunch (it's what I had for brekkie - 2 slices ww brown danish, lurpack lighter & 1 egg for 4pts is not bad)
Good Luck with the next 6 weeks :)
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oh hun i am with u here i was thinking the same at 11am i have had 2 cuppas since to try crave it and even managed to ignore this biscuits! roll on lunch time x
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hope you feel better soon,,must be reallt hard with your energy being so low,,fried egg in spraylite without the yolk is free if thats any good to you hun x,,6 weeks yesterday till our trip also x


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S: 17st3lb C: 14st4lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 30.4 Loss: 2st13lb(17.01%)
Thanks Ladies - you are all so supportive and great to listen to me moaning. Just having one of those days - I will be back to myself tomorrow (I hope). Arms, legs and everywhere else is just aching...I think that I am just feeling sorry for myself (boo hoo).
Had the eggs and toast for lunch and feeling fuller now....tried a pear to ease the hunger but I was still starving....so it must be real hunger. Didn't eat too much over the weekend so I think that it was the hunger catching up on me (well that's my excuse and I am sticking to it). LOL!!!

Won't be long now yummymummy - I so can't wait and I bet you and your family can't wait either.
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I totally think hunger catches up on you! I never ate as a child so I've had 12 years worth of hunger to keep at bay since my teens he he.
Hope you are feeling ok and glad you got your egg and toast fix mmm, might have that for my tea now!
You are a star and I hope your day gets better.

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