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Having a rant very long :(


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sorry nothing to do with ww.....
here goes,
got to work today and we have a leaver board for staff to put dates on so u can see when leaving parties will be.. i have recently taken over as room leader due to the girl leaving 12 weeks early she is having a baby.
Any way got there and she had wrote on kirsty o and then wrote wishful thinking!!
so i said to someone in my room, "how harsh whats that about"
they said that heather ( pregnant girl) came in and heard that id said she was called in by manager for a telling off for not stating if she was coming back to work. heather is going uni and having baby hence so long off.
so i said " erm if i was going to slag her off id do it to her face" im a cow like that i call a spade a spade.
so i went into staff room took in down and went to manager and said " im not happy about this its really upset me"
Manger said its fine just ignore it. im sorry but i dont think i should, far enough if id said it then yeah, but i didnt,,,,, got i hate an all girl nusery so much bitchy ness...

do u think i over reacted???
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i dont think youve over reacted at all.
Ive got a fair bit of crap meself at the minute.I work in a safe house for children who are the responsability of the state.It can be a stressful and violent job, and most the time the kids are a breeze its the bloody staff lolx


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i know what u mean, our staff are going through a bitchy period


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Bloody hell, must be something in the water....I work in a prison and the prisoners are better behaved than some of our staff....and its nearly always the women being mean and bitchy......
Am having problems in my office at the moment too, its been going on for a few weeks now........((((((hugs))))) honey and no I don't think you have over-reacted at all..........some people are just born mean and can't help but act in an unkind way towards others....I suppose it makes them feel better about their own sad lives......doesn't help I know, but I just wanted you to know you aren't alone :)

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