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Having a rele bad week

Well where do I start and this is only week 3 it was my birthday on Sun but sat was a salad buffet then sun meal out american resturant and mon pizza. Been feeling so down and I comfort eat i know its not an excuse and today i just ate a bag of sweets. What do I do? Do i write off the past couple of days or do I give pls help
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Well the stupid thing was no I didnt i have been feeling so down recently cant put my finger on it I class as being homesick really only just recently moved out of parents house and totally away from them I suppose I had my mum as my sw partner a few years previosuly and we helped each this time round me and my partner are doing it but he comes to ask me advice lol and tbh he is losing more weight than me so that doesnt help either
forget about the past look forward to the future!

get back to basics for the next few days, eat lots of speed and superspeed foods :)

good luck


Mens sana in corpore sano
Happy birthday! I'd say write it off Rachel. We all have bad days, weeks even. But what we're doing is for life, so it's a given that things will not go according to plan all the time.

Revisit your books and start afresh. Make your favourite syn free or low syn meal. Have your syns. I was really homesick when I first moved out, but I found the more I had my 'creature comforts' around me, the less homesick I felt! After a while, I couldn't remember why I was so down in the first place, I speak to my family almost everyday and I still go down to my 'rents for Sunday lunch.

Most importantly, don't give up. Remember why you're doing this. I've been there and probably will be again, but this is what helps me...that and the advice of all on this wonderful board! Good luck.
Thanks Guys you all been soo encouraging just feeling a bit pooh about myself. im going to swimming tonight and gym tomorrow gonna try my hardest. Have decided to skip weigh in tomorrow and go gym instead punishment you might say lol

Don't worry about the slip up, we all have them.

Just want to highlight that skipping weigh in is often the start of a slippery slope, trust me I did it last week. Please reconsider skipping weigh in, go, even if just to weigh and not stop for group (although I'd encourage you do stop too!!). Thus gives you a firm basis on which to start the new week.

You could always go the gym after weighing?!

Sorry to butt in, and good luck whatever you decide



Mens sana in corpore sano
I agree with RhiBro - please don't skip weigh-in, it's at the point when you don't want to go that you should go! At best, you may have stayed the same. At worst, at least you'll know exactly what you may have gained. Plus, it could help re-motivate you!
I see what you mean, but i dont think i could take another knock I dont wanna know tbh so tomorrow is a fresh week although sucks I have a wedding to go to on fri and its buffet lord help me may just have a big brekkie fri morning and that should cover me
well i suppose it helps that we have a new sw leader as r previous one has left
I mean what do you think about friday and the wedding i have text the bride to ask but no response so im kind of left hanging I rele dont wanna have a bad day so the only thing I can think of is have an early dinner maybe as wedding starts at 3pm
If it is a buffet at the wedding, you will be fine. There is more control of what you choose to eat than at a sit down dinner.

Make healthy choices from what is on offer. It is a challenge, but not a bad one. Fill up on lots of fizzy water too. Mind your alcohol as it can make you feel like you can eat anything.

Go to the wedding and enjoy it. SW is part of you life and so is socialising and having a laugh with friends.
alcahol im gonna stay away from as im driving anyways which helps the synn count
You might even burn some calories on the dancefloor! Have a great wedding and enjoy the buffet. I am sure there will be choices which are both delicious and healthy.

I still think you should go to group though. You are whatever you weigh today whether you go to group or not. At least if you know what you weigh, you will know what you are dealing with and can take control again :)

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