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Having a social life without eating and drinking!

Hiya fellow lipotrimmers. Isn't it funny when you start doing this diet how you realise how much your social life revolves around eating and drinking? Tonight I am going to the cinema with my husband (minus the popcorn!) and over Easter I am going horseriding with friends instead of our usual meal out. We have decided now that every time we meet up we are going to do something different to scoffing our faces!

I was just wondering what everyone else does to socialize now they cannot eat or drink? ;)
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I dont...Im not strong enough at the moment haha but last time i managed a couple of parties on water and still had fun, and the cinema to minus my fave thing in the world nachos and cheese, I suppose we gotta get used to it if we wanna stay slimmer :) xx
I know its hard but I thought to myself I cant just put my life on hold until I finish the diet. I only have a few months left of my maternity leave left and I know I'll just be back in work before I know it, so I'm still trying to enjoy myself. Mind you, when my husband starts crunching away it might be a totally different story!


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My sister is green with envy at how much weight I've lost, but she says she can't do this diet because she can't give up socialising. I wish she'd give it a go as two weeks in to it and she'd love losing weight more than going out partying.
Well done Lou you have lost loads. I just think going out partying is going to be a million times better when I'm wearing slinky outfits. Instead of people asking me when the baby is due when I had her three months ago!
I've had a couple of 'drinking' nights out (me on the water). Last night was harder than the first time. Being sober I feel really self conscious about my size, also feel like i have to be a kind of guardian to my friends when they get hit on by awful blokes.

But at the same time, i know it's not healthy either physically or mentally to get my confidence from alcohol.

I'd echo what Lou says, I prefer losing weight to getting drunk :)

My girlfriends last night told me how good i looked after only 3 weeks so i get confidence from knowing that i'm only going to look (and feel) better and better. and that's definitely worth spending months on LT and foregoing booze.


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I have avoided nights out so far, but with my birthday coming up friends are asking what i'm doing(normally meal and drinks++) as they dont know i'm doing the diet i'm stumped!!.
The Oh and myself have done more walking etc to fill the weekend when my little boy is with his dad, it's just breaking the old habits i guess saturday was always fish and chip night...x
It is strange and annoying! But I also remember before I had a weight problem that food wasn't the focus of any of my plans. I went to the cinema to see a film and be with friends. I went out to dinner for a social thing -not for the menu as it's become for me nowadays. Easter was a break from or school with chocolate yes but again that wasn't my focus. What I'm trying to do now is lose that obsession! These things with all their temptations will always exist and tbh I want them to! I just don't want them to be about food or calories anymore, I want to get back to just living without the 'uh-oh I'm on a diet' sinking feeling.

All that said, I'm only on yet another day one so I know I have quite a few weekends wher I'll be utterly depressed at not being able to eat or drink -I just gotta hope that I deal with it cus normality awaits at the other end! lol

I hope you do well, it sounds like you're coping alright so just keep it up. It's not forever. :D
I meet up with my friend on Wednedays and Fridays, we go out shopping and do lunch (very big, very lovely and very fattening lunch) but now we just shop!
She complains all the time about it but I just tell her that I am doing her a favor in saving money and she may loose weight too!!!!!!