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Having my first blip...


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Since I started using calorie counting/MFP. Since last Saturday I have been "off plan" so to speak as I was down south visiting family. I knew I'd have to make some wise choices with food and find alternative ways to exercise as I couldn't afford the £8 gym classes near my family. I've ended up going a bit overboard with my calories, for the last week I have gone over on my calories almost every day - some of these excess calories amounts have been huge numbers. I knew it'd be a week off and I wanted to be able to enjoy the meals out and parties - but I am struggling to get back on track. I normally weigh in on Friday's but have decided to not weigh in today to not feel negative as I'm sure the scales will show a huge gain. Despite burning nearly 600 calories at the gym tonight I still over-indulged in chocolates at work so I'm still 100 calories over. I am dreading a planned night out tomorrow because of being over calories AGAIN. I'm just feeling really anxious and worried about my weight loss journey haltering - especially as we're fast approaching a busy time of Dec-Feb where I have Christmas, my birthday, anniversary and his birthday. It's just going to be so hard over the next three months - I really don't want to reverse the hard work I have put into losing the first 30lb and believe me it's been hard work - a hell of sweat and tears to get it off but I know it'll fly back on if I'm not careful. HELP!!
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I'm in exactly the same boat as you, I had a weeks holiday from work beg 5th November and went to Dublin and had a few nights away & haven't officially weighed again since.

Ive not been feeling great last few days and have been using that as an excuse to stay off track. Eg I made a huge pot of lovely healthy soup but have been eating it with lots of French bread and butter!! I've also lost about the same as you- just shy of 2 stone in 8 weeks.

I definitely don't have all the answers but I wanted to reply and let you know you're not alone . I suppose and I'm definately speaking for myself here we need to say I'm not on holiday anymore and get back on track, not so easy done though!!

I'm here if you want to chat, hopefully we can both lose a few more pounds by Xmas.
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Sounds to me like you both need hugs.

It is hard, but don't beat yourself up over it, take each day as it comes, one day at a time, one day on track is always worth it, you go off track one day, stand tall brush yourself off and say THIS WILL NOT BEAT ME.

Everyday is a challenge, going away or going out is always a challenge, take time out have fun, and then find the willpower to get back on track, that is what i usually do (try to do).

Take care


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I've been the same the last few days. We need to draw a line and start again, u've done so well up to now and u deserved this break but now it's time to get back on plan to some shopping get all healthy stuff on and get rid of the naughty things if u can't stay away from them.
And don't beat ur self up! U achieved something brilliant and just remember that xxx

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Another one here! The last month has been hard. Been getting really small losses when I have been on track. And it was my birthday and stuff and things just going on getting me down so any excuse not to eat right and I am there! Weighed yesterday to see my gain. And I am finally getting there I think. Been on track for three days in a row. Gonna stay on track til next weigh in. Need to get this gain off and get moving forward! Come on girls, we can do this! :D

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