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He finally noticed ...


maintaining since June'09
We were sitting in the sunshine outside a pub on the front on Monday - DH & I .....

He suddenly said .. "I've been meaning to tell you - there's something I've noticed about you since you've lost this weight"

I sat up ... 'finally' I thought, 'he's actually noticed and is going to say something totally unprompted'.

"What's that?" I said in breathless anticipation.

He smiled tenderly and lifted his hand to my face .... "Right here" he said, touching me between my nose and my top lip ... "you have 2 little lines which you couldn't see before - presumably they were filled with fat". :(

In case you're wondering - he IS still alive ............. JUST. :mad:
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Give him a kick from me when you get home chick.

Bloody men......lol.
My OH wanted to go to our local club a few weeks ago, I said no as I was sticking to my calories etc etc, he said "aw come on, I want to show you off" I was really flattered.


maintaining since June'09
No need to rub it in kered!!!

No really - I'm made up for you .... and a teensy bit jealous ... ;) ... my turn will come! (Lets put it this way - it'd better!! :))


maintaining since June'09
Justin - you're dead right about the 'not'!! :)


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Haha, that made me laugh :p if I said that to my OH I'd get some serious sulkage!


Here we go again!
Oh Jan that really made me laugh! The git!! I was ready for a lovely compliment too!

At least he's noticing the weight loss though!
I ve lost two and a half stone and my husband has not made any compliments either!!!! he even eat half a loaf of homemade coconut cake in front of me yesterday aarrrhhhh!!!!
im sure hes really proud of you, it was probably his way of a lighthearted compliment. they are only men after all. i think you look great.
LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! men eh! :D xxx We all think u look FAB and have done GREAT!!! x
OMG! He needs a :whoopass: Is that really the best he could do???? Never mind, we think you are doing FAB!
Lol!! Typical man! Still alive but with a bruise I hope :) We all think you look great!
Hope you gave him what for back!! I would rather have 2 lines than all this extra weight anyday! x



Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Men can be so super insensitive sometimes lol! You're doing great! x x x :D


maintaining since June'09
Thanks for the lovely comments everyone!!

I'm looking forward to showing him this thread ..... hopefully he'll be suitably shamefaced LOL!! x


Getting thinner everyday!
That is really funny!


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