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he wants me to move in!!!


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as u all know my mattie has been looking for a house, seperated from wife and now moving out to a 3 bed terrace in earl shilton!!! well he said he wants me to move in when im ready!!!! i live mkt h and work kettering do i move in and change jobs,
move in a keep 40 mile away job.....
or ... wait
i wont be moving in till august cos of holiday and money . thing is aswell i have iva due to past debts so cant pay much towards bills
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Hey! thats great news! ... I moved from cornwall to be with mark in 2006 ... daunting as i didnt know anyone only his family! I would say sit down have a good think ... make a list of pros and cons! ... How much do you love your job? would you miss it if you moved? ...

If you want to move then maybe get looking on local job sites ask for the local paper from that area to be sent to you so you can have a look through and see what its like for work in that area! ...

I have debts! and my mark has none! hes always been one for pay for things with cash or not atall .. i had to open up and tell him, weve worked thro it! .. Were not rich and never have money spare but !! were together and thats what we wanted! ..

Good Luck with what ever you decide hun! xxx its so exciting :D


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mattie knows all about the money, i just going to miss being at home sooooo much
If it's any help I moved 120 miles last june from Ciren in Glos to Stoke on Trent to move in with my b/f, it took me a few months to find a job, was looking since March, so it maybe August time if you look at it like that, it will take a few weeks for application - interview and then maybe a 2nd interview = 1 month and most ppl have to give a months notice = 2 months, this is with getting the 1st job you apply for!

Good luck with your decision and if you bith want it to work it will!
good luck,god for what you thinks right, i done this about 4 years ago when i was younger moved in with the bf then all failed,i changed jobs and now still there happy and in love again with a new guy and moved 10mins from where i workd instead of traveling 45mins each way x


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thanks, ive been helping his brother move in and had walk round village, so i can have a peep in to the kind of life it would be
I lived in Hinckley up until recently, then I upped sticks and moved two hundred miles away to Leeds in the name of love! It's quite lonely, I don't work locally as I run my own business which takes me away a hell of a lot so can't make friends locally which makes it harder. I have found that in the past it makes a hell of a difference being on a level footing financially. I've always earned very good money and enjoyed travel, nice things whereas my chaps have always been very poor and it meant if we wanted to do nice things I ended up paying which over a while causes resentment. My current partner is great, he's cured my addiction to Chanel handbags even LOL!
i love mattie to bits. only been together 9 months tho, but not looking to move till august so be well over a year by time i move, we going to greece together , the main thing is i love my nursery!! been there 4 years!!!
I moved in with my bloke two months after we met online!!!! It is incredible, nothing like it in the world unless there's a shortage of money-that is grim!! Makes life very stressful!! A holiday together will be a good indicator of how well you'll cope living together!!


Going From Flab to FAB!
I met mine when ICQ was popular! in 2001 .. we became friend with privilages hehehehe .. and a yr later i told him i didnt want it anymore! as i wanted a relationship and he didnt want to do the distance thing so i met somone else ... |Mark threw a hissy fit drove down and we talked and been together 7yrs this Oct hehehehe .... and i moved to be with him!

I agree it is lonely! But his family live in the village so that helps! .. and we got a dog so i have to go walking, and im now working p/t so i get out and about also! ....

hugs hun xx

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