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HEA Allowance


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Just been writing up my food diary and it made me question my HEA allowance so wondering if anybody could help.

I have been counting my HEA as the milk I have on my cereal but as I don't really like milk I only have the tiniest bit and definitely not 250ml!

I don't use milk anywhere else so wondered if I needed to top this up with say 2/3 of a different HEA choice?

Is this even allowed??

Any ideas?


Amy xx
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you need to use the recommended weights/measures for your hex's or iirc they become synned


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Hi Amy

You can't mix and match a proportion of your Healthy Extras BUT you could have cheese as your HEA and then syn your milk.

2 level tablespoons of semi-skimmed milk is 0.5syn, 3 level tablespoons skimmed is 0.5syn (though how you'd have a heaped tablespoon of milk, heaven knows!!!)


I am the same, not a lover of milk so only have a little on my cereal so I syn it and have a different Hea like cheese. Could you do this :D


is on the road to Slimdon
I think I have been doing myself out of some cheese!!!

I think I will be synning the small amount of milk I do use and using the full HEA of cheese if splitting HEA's is against SW rules!! Don't think it will be that many syns according to Suepats values.

Thanks everyone!


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I know you're not meant to mix your HEXs, but I must admit I do it, and I haven't done too badly with my losses! What confuses me about that rule though is that some of the HEXb recommendations in the SW book actually encourage a mix eg 28g Nestle Shreddies and 1 Ryvita Wholegrain Crackerbread!!


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At risk of starting World War 3 here, I have to say that I always split my Hea's (and Heb's come to that). I was told it's ok as long as you don't get confused. It's not inherently wrong ,they just don't want you to make mistakes.


Never gets tired of SW!
I think I may have already started it Eternity!! LOL! And if you're saying it, we must obey, as you are defo in a position to preach! LOL!X


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Ok, *holds hands up*, I do it too. Sometimes with my 'b' choices I have one slice of bread and one alpen light. With my 'a' choices, yesterday, for example, I had laughing cow cheese, but couldn't eat 5, so just counted the splashes of milk I'd had in 3 cups of tea as the rest of the choice, with the 3 cheeses.

Naughty, and not at all scientific, I know, but it seems more sensible to me than forcing cheese down that I don't want.


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There's a lady at my class who's new to SW and she was saying she can't stomach milk, and really couldnt eat cheese on a daily basis...what should she do about HEas? This is a brand new group, with a brand new C (I mean, this is her very 1st group), and sadly she (the C) couldn't make last weeks class. So this lady was asking me about the HEas, but I was loathe to guess any answers adn the stand in C didn't really speak to us much, as there was loads of new members.


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Hiya! I've only very recently finished as a consultant and I can reassure you all that, as long as its an exact split (eg - 1 Weetabix and 1 Alpen Light or 125mls semi-skimmed with 14g cheddar) its absolutely fine. This question was asked at Head Office the last time I was on training there and they said its perfectly ok to do and that the only reason they discourage it is because, if its inaccurately done, you wouldnt be getting enough calcium (HeA's) or fibre/balance (HeB's). Hope that helps!!!! xxxxx