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hea and heb s?

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Healthy Extras' started by gonnabesmall, 9 May 2011 Social URL.

  1. gonnabesmall

    gonnabesmall is doin this

    just a quick question,can you choose from the hea and heb that are listed for red and green days,can you choose from both choices if following ee

    hope this makes sense
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  3. kirstabubble

    kirstabubble Silver Member

    I think I know what you mean but the Hex's are different....one example is on green, philly light is a hex b but not on any other plan.

    I don't have my book to hand at the mo but I think the hex A's are essentially milk and cheese and hexB's are bread and cereals (or randomly a tbsp of extra virgin olive oil).

    Hope this helps

  4. who_la_hoop

    who_la_hoop Silver Member

    Kirstabubble is right. If you're on the ee plan then you need to stick to the ee healthy extra lists - the healthy 'a' list is the same for all plans, but the red and green choices have extra healthy 'b's to choose from as well as the main list. (It makes sense if you think about it logically - eg. the extra healthy b list for a red day includes potato, pasta and beans, which are all free on an ee day.)
  5. sus_murf

    sus_murf Silver Member

    Oh, thanks for that - I was trying to figure out the hex's for green and red - I'm doing it online and find that ee is definitely prioritised.
  6. gonnabesmall

    gonnabesmall is doin this

    i get it now thanks girls.you know sw amazes me every day.ive been doin ee for 12 months now and ive only just learnt that the hes are different :)
  7. Shirleen

    Shirleen Gold Member

    I always think of the HEB as Heathy Extra Bowel! Just as a reminder because we need fibre and a small amount of oil to have healthy bowels!
  8. tilly07

    tilly07 Full Member

    Hi, sorry im asking this but im gettin confused :-/ only been on SW for 2 weeks and following EE...i have the food optimising book from jan 2010 and i dont know if the healthy extra b's listed on pages 23-25 are for the EE plan as it has soups list....hope this makes sense and would really appreciate the help!

    Thank you =)
  9. who_la_hoop

    who_la_hoop Silver Member

    Tilly, I don't know if I have the same book or not, but are the pages orange coloured? If yes, then they're the ee healthy extras. (The 'b' choices for ee do include some soups, oil and cooked fruits as well as bread/cereal/cereal bars.)
  10. tilly07

    tilly07 Full Member

    thanks who la hoop, yes they are a orange/yellow...yay i can have a soup...thank you very much...im loving EE x

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