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headache...wont go away

Iv had a really bad headache since yesterday and it wont go away, taken paracetamol and drinking plenty of water although hardly had any yesterday, but this blinking headache will not go, its gone to the back of my head and down my neck Aaarrgghhh its horrible.

Do you think its to do with the fact Im SSing?:cry:

Thanks Guy's xxx
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Hi Cora,

When you first start to SS headaches are one of the side effects, normally just occuring through the first three days or until your body kicks into ketosis.

What day are you on?

I can only suggest keep glugging lots and the paracetemol and water should get you through it.

Good Luck, and fingers crossed it will be gone before you know it.
Cora i had the mother of all migraines yesterday and hadnt had 1 for a while so i know exactly how your feeling i felt sick and juddery with stabbing pains in my eyes and down my neck it was horrid and water nor pain relief helped. Great things for headaches/migraines is a cold compress which you can still use if you're in work get some paper towels if you've not got a flannel or teatowel and wet it with cold water, put 1 on your forehead and one across the back of your neck it'll make you gasp but it's VERY nice. Also try running your wrists under very cold water for a few minutes. Failing that i'm afraid the only thing that will work is going for a nap

Hope you're feeling better soon xxx
Hi guy's,
Thanks for your replys, i ended up having a snooze as i was off work today but woke up all shakey and quite dizzy so i have just had some chile con carne without the rice...feel better now although still got a slight headache.

am drinking loads of water to flush me dinner thru, feel sooo guilty but really needed to eat lol

oh, well, tomorrows another day lol:sigh:


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